Google Wins In Customer Service, Geo Targeting Updates To Bing, New App Based Search Engine, & More

Google Wins In Customer Service, Geo Targeting Updates To Bing, New App Based Search Engine, & More

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Google Introduces Dynamic Sitelinks for AdWords

Yesterday Google globally launched Dynamic Sitelinks, auto generated sitelinks that connect customers to specific pages on your site. Google says that advertiser set sitelinks will continue to show except when dynamic sitelinks could perform better. Advertisers do have the option to disable if they choose. Dynamic Sitelinks will for the time-being be free due to low impression share projections.

Source: AdWords Blogspot

New Bing Ads Geographic Targeting Features

Bing has announced three new features to their ad platform that increase control for geographic targeting. A new visualization feature is now included when setting area targeting to help advertisers see where there ads will be shown. Other features include improved radius targeting, allowing for larger areas and the ability to combine both radius and location targeting together for campaigns. New features are available through the latest version of editor.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Google Wins Big In Customer Satisfaction Survey

The American Customer Satisfaction Index have released their latest survey results under the search engines category. Google once again was the top search engine for customers. Yahoo achieved their lowest customer satisfaction score ever. Google has won every year since 2000, with the exception of 2007.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Has 18 Months To Change Privacy Practices In Italy

Many European regulators have been upset with Google’s unified privacy policy. They have been clamoring for more disclosures to users and to follow strict EU laws. Italy has now issued Google an ultimatum to change their privacy practices within 18 months or face fines and unspecified criminal charges.

Source: Marketing Land

Facebook Device Targeting Now Available

Facebook has recently released new targeting features for advertisers that will enable them to target specific devices. Advertisers will be able to target down to the phone model i.e. iPhone 5s, when previously they were only able to target iOS and Android. This feature should really help advertisers eliminate spend that could be coming from traffic that is not compatible with their app or product as well as allow for more targeted ad copy and bidding options.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Yelp to Release Trends Tool

Earlier this week Yelp announced that they will be launching a new tool called Yelp Trends that uses search data and reviews to deduce consumer trends. Similar to Google Trends tool, advertisers will be able to utilize this data to help them with keyword and theme targeting.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Bing Now Included As Option On Google Chrome Tabs

Google has updated Chrome to allow Bing to be a part of Chrome’s new tab page screen. Previously, users who used Bing as a default, the new tab page would still show Google has the search provider. Those who previously had Bing selected as a default will see the change when they update their browser.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Updates Local Search Algorithm

Google’s latest algorithm update will provide more useful and accurate local search results based on more traditional web search ranking signals. The update also improves the distance and location ranking parameters. So far the update has only been rolled out to US English search results.

Source: Search Engine Land

In-Map Ads on Google Get New Look & Features

It has been announced by Google that it has started showing ads on their Maps and Maps for mobile sites. Ads are showing above organic results and have extensions such as call and location included. Desktop use of Maps will show ads when a user hovers over an advertiser’s location in the map. Mobile versions will show the ad below the map with a headline and one line of copy.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Revamps The Look For Google Alerts

The new Google Alerts interface has been redesigned to make it easier for an average searcher to understand its uses and features. The new features also provide a useful suggested alerts feature based on your current alert settings.

Source: Search Engine Land

Yahoo Dips In Latest Search Survey

The latest comScore rankings report for June showed that Yahoo has now fallen below 10 percent of all search activity in the United States. Experts believe the dip may be due to a shift in focus for Yahoo as they have focused heavily on media and content as of late. Google remained unchanged at 67.7 percent in the latest report.

Source: Washington Business Journal

Display Network Reporting Now Easily Accessible in Analytics

A new reporting section has been added in the Google Analytics menu. The new Display Targeting section will show performance details on display keywords, placements, topics and interests among others. This feature should prove very helpful for advertisers with a heavy display presence.

Source: Marketing Land

Google Announces “Explore” Feature On Maps

The latest update for Google Maps on Android and iOS devices includes a new “Explore” feature that serves as a local guide for users. The feature allows users to discover new places in their area by looking at what’s nearby as well as activity suggestions that will adapt to you based on the moment of the day.

Source: Search Engine Land


Notable Commentary


Tracking Intent for B2B Marketers

In a recent article by Thomas Koletas from Marketing Land discusses why your market’s intent across channels is especially important for B2B marketers because the buying process can be more complex. He explains a few simple ways to find customer intent and engage with customers while they are in-market.

Analysis: Thomas Koletas, Marketing Land

The Beauty Of Customer Service Reviews

Product-based sites can seem a bit easier to optimize with their clear site architecture, wealth of photos and other advantages. But service-based sites have a unique advantage of their own: the user experience review. Daniel Cristo of Search Engine Land offers a few suggestions for getting more customer reviews, ensuring they’re positive one and then leveraging those glowing reviews in your SEO efforts.

Analysis: Daniel Cristo, Search Engine Land

New App-Based Search Engine, Relcy

Relcy, a new app based search engine, is expIained in another post from Daniel Cristo (he goes by Dan in this one). With the growth of mobile, Relcy is certainly being watched closely by Google a represents interesting possibilities for the future of SEO.

Analysis by: Daniel Cristo, Search Engine Watch

Links Are More Than A Ranking Factor

The value of a links as ranking factor is certainly something tha
t has come under scrutiny as of late. And while they are an important part of how Google determines a site’s popularity, the fact links matter certainly opens the search engine up to some spammy practices. Julie Joyce of Search Engine Land explains why links are still important, not just because of their influence on the algorithm, but through referral traffic and other channels that benefit business.

Analysis by: Julie Joyce, Search Engine Land