Google Tests Double Scrolling, AdWords Keyword Tool Expands, Google Buys 100+ Domains, & More

Google Tests Double Scrolling, AdWords Keyword Tool Expands, Google Buys 100+ Domains, & More

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‘Double Scroll’ Tested On Google SERPs

Google is testing a scroll bar on the left column of their search results page, while also expanding filter options for users in that column. These tests are being conducted internally for the most part, but a few SEO professionals have picked up on it, and believe Google’s motive lies in its desire to smooth out the SERP interface for mobile and desktop users alike.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Google Will Soon Expand AdWords Keyword Tool Input Numbers To 2,500

Although the update has been confirmed without a release date, Google is poised to up its keyword input totals from 100 to 2,500 in the AdWords Keyword Tool. This move should give marketers many more keyword options during research into a particular search term or industry.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Continues Localized Push With Addition Of 100 + Domains

Google has set its sights on localized, personal-friendly search results and ads, and recently made the move to acquire 100+ domains centering on local businesses. The program is called “Get Your Business Online,” and includes URLs such as,, and

Source: Search Engine Land

Facebook Adopts Some Google + Features

One of the biggest differences between Facebook and Google + was the Google Circles feature, which allowed Plus users to filter who sees their shared content. Notice how the past tense was prevalent throughout that last sentence.

Apparently Facebook has copied this selective feature, and went so far as to announce the update in a blog post. Curious enough, they didn’t mention “Google” or “Google +” anywhere in the post, but it was probably just a silly misunderstanding.

Source: Wired

Google Weather Maps?

Google now offers location-based weather reports in Google Maps, accessible as a layer on the top right side of the map. Google continues to personalize all aspects of their brand and features, as the search engine has expanded its Google Places, cloned Groupon (Google Offers), and absorbed ITA in order to cater to the ever present needs of travelers.

Source: Search Engine Journal

Steve Jobs Steps Down As Apple CEO

Where were you when Steve Jobs announced his resignation? Jobs will remain at Apple in a position once portrayed on the big screen by the legendary Carrot Top (chairman of the board), and his legacy in the tech world spans far beyond Apple’s current dominance.

Source: Wired

East Coast Earthquake Shakes Twitter’s Traffic Numbers

There were more tweets per second during the East Coast earthquake than when news of Osama bin Laden’s hit the U.S. airwaves. The quake on Tuesday brought Twitter traffic levels up to 5,500 tweets per second, which tied the record set by the Fukushima earthquake.

Source: Wired

Google Forks Over $500 Million As A Get-Out-Of-Jail Card

Few people could post a $500 million bond to avoid a visit to a Federal court room, but Google is not a person (or persona). The tech giant dropped half a billion dollars to stave off DOJ prosecution for making a profit off illegal drugs sold by Canadian pharmacies.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Google Analytics Multi-Channel Funnels Measure Conversions From Start to Finish

Google Analytics has always been useful for monitoring how users interact with your site, and what pages they are drawn to. With the new Multi-Channel Funnels feature, Analytics expands those measurement efforts from the start of the sales process to its end, so your business has a better idea of how to improve each portion of the conversion funnel.

Source: Google Analytics Blog

Notable Commentary

To Put A Ding In Your Weekend

The iPatent iLegacy Of Steve Jobs

The New York Times has an impressive list of every Apple patent that includes Steve Jobs as an inventor. They total 313, and state the obvious: Jobs put a ding in the universe.

Analysis By: The New York Times

The Best Steve Jobs Tweets Of The Past 24 Hours

Talking Points Memo has compiled some of the funniest, most poignant tweets about Steve Jobs’ resignation from prominent and average people alike. This is worth reading, if anything to get an idea of the impact Jobs still has on the common man’s life.

Analysis By: Carl Franzen, Sarah Lai Stirland, Talking Points Memo

Tim Cook Apparently Knows What He’s iDoing

Tim Carmody explains why he thinks Apple will be fine with Tim Cook at the helm. Cook will undoubtedly become the subject of many “get to know you” stories over the next few weeks, and Carmody starts the race by detailing Cook’s career before and during his time as Steve Job’s right-hand man.

Analysis By: Tim Carmody, Wired

Microdata And ESPN: A Google Success Story

ESPN Digital Media has made good use of microdata to optimize their pages for Google searches and users seeking useful information on MLB scores and updates. This remains a work in progress, but the display of up-to-date scores has already proven to be a success.

Analysis By: Chris Jason, Google Inside Search Blog

Search Retargeting And Brand Marketing Should Go Hand-In-Hand

Search retargeting can do wonders for brand awareness and relatively low-cost click-throughs. Frost Prioleau offers five reasons why retargeting is a major benefit for brands looking to save money and increase their online presence.

Analysis By: Frost Prioleau, Search Engine Land

Google Panda Is Six Months Old, And People Are Still Confused

The SEO world can change at the speed of Google, and Panda was definite proof that marketers and businesses that understand that fact can still get caught flat-footed. Frank Watson outlines some basic principles for success in the constantly changing SEO landscape, and how to minimally resist Google’s impending algorithm updates.

Analysis By: Frank Watson, Search Engine Watch