Google Sends Mixed Messages About Duplicate Content, Analytics Adds Bid Adjustments Reports, & More

Google Sends Mixed Messages About Duplicate Content, Analytics Adds Bid Adjustments Reports, & More

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Matt Cutts Says Not To Worry About Duplicate Content, Because Matt Cutts

Matt Cutts kicked off this week with a very “wha…?” webmaster question-and-answer video. When asked whether duplicate content, such as privacy policies or terms of use on various pages, Cutts said it’s nothing to worry about unless it’s spammy. Obviously, there are all kinds of other questions to ask after hearing this answer, but let’s just close our eyes and take a nap.

Source: Search Engine Land

Bid Adjustments Reports Now Available In Analytics

Bid Adjustments reports from AdWords enhanced campaigns are now available in Google Analytics.  The reports are found in the Advertising section under the traffic sources tab.  The reports are aimed at assisting advertisers when analyzing the performance of each bid adjustment within a campaign and can be segmented out by time of day, device and location.

Source: Search Engine Land

Apple Buys Location Data Company, Cares About Improving Maps

Apple welcomed Locationary and HopStop to its crazy family this week, hoping to use the location data management startup and local search site to improve its running punch line of a mapping system. The move is expected to help Apple stave off the Google Maps revolution by better filtering good and bad information about a given location.

Source: Marketing Land

You Have To Pay The Troll Toll To Eliminate This Patent Troll

No one likes patent trolls, and it appears one of the biggest has been eliminated. This week an appeals court upheld a lower court’s ruling that two patents owned by Eolas Technologies are void. The patents concerned technology that, among other things, reside in the backbone of the Internet, as well as Amazon, Google and Apple. Rejoice!

Source: Ars Technica

Google Drops In The User Satisfaction Rankings

The results of a ForeSee survey conducted for the American Customer Satisfaction Index are not so great for Google and the other major search engines: user satisfaction for the category as a whole is at its lowest levels since 2003. The good news for the search engines: social media sites fared worse. Users’ differing responses to advertising in the two verticals may be at least partially responsible for the different ratings.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Gmail Replaces Spam With Ads

You may have noticed something new in your new Gmail inbox’s Promotions tab: ads that look like emails. As part of a limited beta, Gmail is now offering an iteration of Sponsored Promotion ads that appear in line with the inbox instead of on the right rail. The ads run on a CPC model, and when users click they are invited to watch a video, fill out a form, or click through to a landing page.

Source: Marketing Land

Publishers Love Native Advertising

90% of online publishers either already offer native advertising on their sites or are considering offering it this year, that according to recent research from eMarketer. While the definition of the term “native advertising” is nebulous for site owners – including everything from publisher tweets to same-domain-hosted creative – it seems that (nearly) everybody’s doing it.

Source: Marketing Land

Google Drives A Ton Of Internet Traffic All The Time

According to a Deepfield study, Google is involved in 25% of all U.S. Internet traffic at any given time. This is quite an increase over the 6% reported in a 2010 study, and is likely related to the skyrocketing amount of Google servers deployed nationwide. The study also found that 60% of the Internet touches Google at one point every day, and Netflix is its closest bandwidth rival, although Netflix use operates in peaks and valleys.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Google Helpouts Bring E-Commerce To Live Video

According to a Mountain View tipster, Google is developing a video e-commerce platform that leverages its popular Hangout tool. Entitled “Helpouts,” the program allows businesses large and small to create profiles and sell directly to customers via scheduled or impromptu video chat.

Source: Tech Crunch

Hopper Comes Out Ahead In Legal Proceedings, For Now

For now, it appears Dish has come out ahead in the legal war over their ad-eliminating Hopper DVR. TV networks have considered Hopper the bane of their existence for some time, with Fox and NBCUniversal suing and petitioning the courts for an order to remove the Hopper from the market until their trial date. That request was initially denied and upon appeal the court again confirmed its ruling. The lawsuit against Dish can still move forward, but the appeals court did find Dish is likely to succeed on a fair use defense.

Source: Arts Technica

Facebook Stock Reaches Highest Price Since May 2012

Why is May 2012 significant? Because it was the inaugural month of Facebook’s existence as a publicly traded entity. Facebook’s stocks closed Thursday at nearly $38 per share, due to the announcement of obliterated earnings expectations Wednesday afternoon. It also helped that mobile revenue accounts for 41% of its ad business, and that’s expected to grow.

Source: All Things D

Chipotle Intentionally ‘Hacks’ Itself As A Marketing Strategy

Something tells us this is going to be a thing with a lot of companies for the next year or so.

Source: Marketing Land

Google’s Chromecast Looks Pretty Awesome

In addition to unveiling their next generation Nexus 7 tablet, Google introduced the Chromecast HDMI dongle. For $35, you can plug it into your TV (provided it’s compatible), and instantly watch and control videos, music, movies, and anything else media-related from any Wi-Fi enabled device. The best part is that it’s compatible with Apple, Android, and any other device of these capabilities.

Source: Ars Technica


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