Bing And Yahoo Are Even In Search Share, A Study Tracks Online-To-Offline Revenue, & More

Bing And Yahoo Are Even In Search Share, A Study Tracks Online-To-Offline Revenue, & More

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Yahoo And Bing Are Dead Even In Search Market Share

For the first time ever, Bing (15%) and Yahoo (15.1%) are neck and neck in U.S. search market share, according to a recent comScore report. This change marks a net gain of 4.6% for Bing since last November, when Yahoo sat at 16.4% to Bing’s 11.8%.

Source: Search Engine Land

Tracking The Impact Of Online-To-Offline Sales

Remember that Sam Adams commercial where bar patrons wildly over-estimated the brewery’s share of the American beer market? A similar situation would happen if you asked someone how retail market share e-commerce occupies (it’s actually less than 5% of the $4 trillion spent each year).

However, a recent study has discovered how paid search online really influences offline sales. Every $1 in online advertising revenue leads to an increase in physical store revenue by $6, according to two years worth of research compiled by retail marketer, RevTrax. The study also found that an average paid click is worth roughly $15 of in-store revenue.

Much of this previously hard-to-track information came about because of smartphone saturation and other new online-to-offline tracking technologies.

Source: Search Engine Land

To Paraphrase Liam Neeson: Release The Facebook Timeline!

After months of teaser roll-outs akin to the campaigns for a Christopher Nolan Batman movie, Facebook has officially unleashed its Timeline on the waiting masses. The service is already available on Android devices as well, and Mashable has compiled a very useful list of Timeline resources on and off Facebook.

Source: Mashable

Dynamic Google Media Ads Now Available For Tablets

Google has released a collection of new rich media ads that cater to the wants and desires of smartphone and tablet users. Inherently, both demographics look for interactive ads on their touch screen devices, and these templates will serve as a way for advertisers to give the people what they want.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Chrome 15 Has More Users Than Internet Explorer 8

As the computer-savvy world waits patiently for the Internet Explorer browser to crawl back to the hollowed volcano in the Pacific Ocean from whence it came, there is some good news about its biggest competitor. The most up-to-date version of Google’s Chrome browser (Chrome 15, 24.55%) has more users worldwide than the newest version of Internet Explorer (IE 8, 22.16%). Funny enough, Internet Explorer still owns the top overall spot in market share, which reveals quite a lot about the technological comprehension/interest of its users.

Source: Mashable

Enjoying Ad-Free Facebook On Your Phone? No More!

Facebook has never integrated advertising into its smartphone app, which has been nice for users that are subjected to advertising on the level of patients in Ludovico technique aversion therapy. Unfortunately, there’s profit to be had, so Facebook will soon be fully integrating ads onto its smartphone app by the end of March 2012. The world’s leading social network has remained tight-lipped as to how the ads will fit into its platform, however.

Source: Venture Beat

The Google+ Button Is No More On Google’s SERPs

Citing a need for a cleaner looking search results page, Google has opted to remove its +1 button from immediate visibility under each result. Instead, it has been relegated to anytime you hover over the instant preview of a website. Google has hinted that this may not be the last thing that is removed from the results pages, as they are committed to streamlining its overall appearance.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Users Will Opt For Recognizable Domains Rather Than A Quality Experience

It’s been a long-held belief that search engine users focus on brand domains when deciding whether to click on a search result. A recent study that explored user behavioral tendencies reiterated this assumption, finding that a user will lean towards a trusted, authoritative domain, even if it presents a worse quality experience compared to another vendor.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Webmaster Tools Now Includes Stats On Authors

“Author Stats” are now available in Google Webmaster Tools. The stats allow users to view the frequency with which their tagged content is displayed in Google, how many impressions it gets, and the number of clicks each article receives.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Releases ‘Currents’

If you long for the day that magazines, newspapers, and popular web content are easy to read on your Android or Apple devices, rejoice! Google Currents is now available to make your casual or serious reading life much more accessible. The app features content from over 150 publishers, as well as a self-service platform that allows publishers to customize the design of their content on the tablet/smartphone platform.

Source: Google Mobile Blog

Like Siri? Google’s Got Some Competition For That

Did anyone honestly think Apple’s Siri would go a full year without any competition from Google, Facebook, and/or Microsoft? Google is working on releasing a similar virtual assistant named Majel. For all those Star Trek geeks out there, the name was influenced by the voice of the Federation Computer, Majel Barrett-Roddenberry. The initial release will only feature Google search queries, but Google obviously has plans to expand its abilities with time.

Source: Android And Me

Holiday Deal Sites Are Back On Bing. It’s A Festivus Miracle!

Remember when Bing Julius and Ethel Rosenberg’d Black Friday and Cyber Monday-related websites from its search results? Apparently they’ve been resurrected, and Bing claims the whole blacklisting process came about because of their algorithm’s heightened sensitivity to scam deal sites around the holidays.

Source: Search Engine Land

If You Had To Pick, Would You Want To Work At Facebook Or Google?

The annual best workplaces study was just released, and Facebook (#3) and Google (#5) made the top five. Of course, both workplaces have notorious reputations for attempting to keep their employees around long-term, from paying millions of dollars to do so and offering a very relaxed working environment. For the record, Apple came in at #10, and Groupon ranked at #40.

Source: Search Engine Land

An Original Apple Contract Is Worth WAY More Than Expected

An original Apple contract, signed by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne, had a predicted auction worth of between $100,000 – $150,000. Instead, it went for a whopping $1.35 million before adding the seller’s 12% commission. Hope it looks good on the buyer’s personal Apple store section of their mansion. It’s also reasonable to assume part of this inflated worth is the fact that Steve Jobs died recently.

Source: Tuaw

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Just How Influential Is Google+?

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