Google Removes Expanded Places Listings, Bing Tells You Why Your Ad Isn’t Displaying, Google Analytics Has Real-Time Conversions, & More

Google Removes Expanded Places Listings, Bing Tells You Why Your Ad Isn’t Displaying, Google Analytics Has Real-Time Conversions, & More

This Week’s Industry News

Compiled By Rocket Clicks Staff

Bing’s Ad Preview Tool Adds Diagnostic Feature

Bing will soon meld its Ad Preview Tool with a newly minted Ad Diagnostics Tool, which tells advertisers why their ads are not displayed on Page One for specific keywords. This includes information on low quality score/campaign quality, and whether or not campaign settings are inhibiting impressions. Source: Search Engine Land

Google Removes Link To Expanded Local Listings

The Google 7-Pak “More Results Near…” link has been conspicuously absent from Google’s local search results this week, and it appears the new limitation is permanent. A Google employee confirmed the change in a Google forum discussion, and explained it as a move to “improve” the local search experience. Source: Search Engine Land

YouTube Adds Paid Subscriptions To Premium Channels

In a long anticipated move, YouTube has announced it will offer monthly subscriptions to its top 50 premium channels. Starting at a $1.99 price point, the fees go up from there, although YouTube may offer an a la carte option at a later point in time. Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Maps Is Poised For An Incredible Makeover

Google is currently testing a major redesign of its Google Maps tool. Click through the link to look at a few screen shots, which include local filters that cater to your Google+ circles and a host of various aesthetic alterations. Source: Search Engine Land

INFOGRAPHIC: Facebook’s Edgerank Algorithm, Visualized

Edgerank is the algorithm that Facebook uses to decide who is going to be all in your face on any given occasion. Turns out interactions and comments make things appear in your newsfeed more often. So next time you really hate those pictures that a girl you used to go to high school with posted from the Kentucky Derby, don’t comment on them asking why there are so many pictures of the same hat, but with different angles. Because then her hats and face will only continue to haunt you. Source: Mashable

The NSA Handbook Teaching Spies How To Google

Internet marketers could probably be better cyberspies than they give themselves credit for. At least according to the legal practices laid out in Untangling the Web: A Guide to Internet Research, which is the National Security Agency’s Google handbook, basically. The guide helps spies filter out Google search results looking for information that may be inadvertently posted on the web somewhere. None of the tactics are illegal, and most involve searching for words such as “login” or using filters such as “site:”. If anything, it’s interesting to see how the government uses the Internet to find publically available information that could be useful for intelligence. Source: Wired

Google Analytics Adds Real-Time Conversion Report

Google Analytics has added goal conversions to its real-time reports. The real-time Conversion report shows the most recent goals, displaying them by number of conversions from highest  to lowest. Source:  Search Engine Watch

Google Shopping Feed Specification Gets Some Changes

Goggle Shopping Feed Specification got a few changes this week. The biggest change is the added ‘identifier exists’ attribute for  merchants selling custom goods that  don’t have unique identifiers like brand names or MPN codes. Additional changes include a new multipack attribuite for merchants selling custom bundles of goods, higher resolution images and revised description and color attributes guidelines. Source: Search Engine Land

New Q&A Site Integrates Directly With Bing

Klout, a new addition to the long list of Q&A format sites, is at least approaching it from a somwhat unique angle.  Klout integrates with Bing- outside of the social search bar and instead with a big listing within the main search pane. The product, called ‘Klout Experts’, features short 300 word answers from influential Klout users on specific subjects. Source: Search Engine Land

Yahoo Has Requested A Trade From Microsoft

Even before Googler Marissa Mayer ascended the CEO throne at Yahoo, the former search giant had reportedly been trying to flip its search allegiances from Bing to Google. Considering Microsoft pretty much holds the exclusive rights to break the 10 year contract at the halfway mark in 2015 (by closing, selling Bing, or watching Yahoo’s search revenue fall 40% below Google’s), that’s not happening anytime soon. Source: Search Engine Watch

Google Unveils ‘Inactive Account Manager’ Feature

If you’re anything like me (or someone else that makes this anecdote personally relevant to you), you probably have more than one Google Account. Now, once you stop using an account, it is possible to disable it thanks to Inactive Account Manager. The new feature is available in the Google Account settings, and includes an option to completely delete the account, inform contacts of the accounts impending demise, and a timeout period that lets Google know when to turn the account off. Source: Search Engine Journal

Google Will Not Be Adding Publishership Anytime Soon

Although Google has been testing a few company logo additions next to URLs in its rich snippets testing tool, the search engine confirmed it would not be making those “publisher” displays a permanent fixture. Source: Search Engine Land

Notable Commentary

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