Google Gets A Touch-Up, Apps Come To Analytics & More

Google Gets A Touch-Up, Apps Come To Analytics & More

Google’s New Look

As if we don’t all love Google enough, they have made some dramatic changes to their search results page to improve their user’s search experience. With a new, sharp format and rich looking layout, you may be asking yourself, what has all changed? Let me explain.

On the left-hand side of the page they have added navigation which features relevant search tools and improvements to your queries. Those new technologies available to searchers are the Universal Search, Search Options panel and Google Squared.

On the top section of the panel is the Universal Search which helps find the most relevant results to your search. If a theme pops up here that fits your query needs better, it allows you to effortlessly switch.

The Search Options panel allows you to actually see a different search form, such as the latest information on your query. Or, if you’d rather see images for your results instead of just words, that can be done here, too.

And lastly, we have Google Squared, which helps you find and compare your search results, along with other related topics. To check out the new and improved Google interface, simply go to and search your favorite term!

“Target” CPA Bidding For AdWords Conversion Optimizer

CPA bidding within Google AdWords has always been set by a maximum amount, but now with the new Target CPA Bidding, you’ll also have the option to set an average cost per conversion. Conversion Optimizer explores the conversion tracking data and adjusts bids automatically to enhance a company’s ROI, specifically improving conversions by 21% while decreasing CPA by 14%. This change was made from user feedback within the interface, and is only an option. To learn how to enable Target CPA bidding, visit the link provided below for step-by-step instructions.

Google Analytics App Store

Launched this week was the Google Analytics Application Gallery. The gallery’s main benefit is to extend the reach of Google Analytics into deeper areas like eCommerce and content management. It was developed to expand on specific applications such as, but not limited to, mobile solutions, email marketing, phone call tracking and search optimization, and to broaden their reach. There are currently 12 categories (business intelligence, campaign management, content management, data collection, eCommerce, email marketing, mobile solutions, phone call tracking, reporting tools, search optimization, site audit, and widgets & gadgets) and 38 applications available now. The number of apps will continue to grow as developers produce and submit new ones to the gallery. How will this help online marketers? Well, you should know that web analytics are a large part of optimizing a marketing plan. Analytics reveal in detail how each of your plans are carried out and help show if you need to make some changes or improvements. There’s even a section from Google’s Editor Picks that will point out some notable apps, which will help you establish the ROI of your marketing efforts.

Dana Redfield

Rocket Clicks Staff


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