Google Edits Webmaster Help Section, Enhanced Campaign CPCs Are Rising, Instagram Adds Video, & More

Google Edits Webmaster Help Section, Enhanced Campaign CPCs Are Rising, Instagram Adds Video, & More

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Quality Sites Trump Quality Links In Google’s Webmaster Help Section

Google wants you to know they mean business when it comes to “great content.” So much so, in fact, that they’ve updated a crucial section of their Webmaster Help document to emphasize quality sites over quality links.

Semantically, the change is notable and makes sense. Compelling websites are most likely to be relevant to interested parties, and with great websites come great links. One leads to another, logically speaking, since you can fake links but you can’t fake a good site.

Source: Search Engine Land

Add Some Descriptions To Your AdWords Sitelinks

Google AdWords now allows you to highlight specific text to be included under sitelinks in your ads. The feature is meant to push more advertisers to Enhanced Campaigns, but it also gives advertisers the freedom to customize text in an area that, when displayed, often looks attractive to prospective clickers.

Source: Search Engine Watch

CPCs Are Bull-ish For Enhanced Campaign Users

An Adobe report has uncovered the unthinkable: Google AdWords Enhanced Campaign costs-per-click rose 6% from March to May. As Enhanced Campaign adoption is forcefully increased among advertisers, this trend is likely to continue. Funny enough, Google responded to the report and basically said it’s too close to call at this point. So…spend more money.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Matt Cutts Answers: Do Stock Images Hurt You In Search?

The answer is no. The slightly more complicated answer is no for standard searches, but image search is different, and unique images may help.

Source: Search Engine Land

Facebook Improves Data And Statistical Offerings In Page Insights

Facebook Page Insights now offer more detailed, intelligent information about page Likes, engagement, tags and mentions, check-ins, and other interactions that reveal how users are behaving relative to your brand. Marketers are now able to see more granular details about Likes, comments, shares, link clicks, and much more.

Source: Marketing Land

Facebook Sponsored Search Results Are Deader Than Jimmy Hoffa

Pretty topical headline, eh? Facebook has recently announced they are killing off Sponsored search results in an effort to simplify their advertising offerings. However, some advertisers have reported high click-through rates and low CPCs from Sponsored results, which makes the decision even more interesting.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Instagram’s New Features Are Di-‘Vine’ly Inspired

On Thursday, Instagram announced it will be upgraded with a video recording feature, complete with 13 possible filters. The video can be anywhere from three to 15 seconds in length, and includes a “Cinema” function that helps eliminate shaky camera movements.

Source: Marketing Land

New Excel Add-In For Bing Ads Intelligence

Bing Ads Intelligence recently revealed a new free Excel add-in for keyword research and keyword performance assessment on the Yahoo! Bing Network.  That is all.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google Unveils Knowledge Graph Carousel For Local search

Google officially rolled out is Knowledge Graph Carousel for local search Tuesday. The carousel is basically a black backdrop at the top of the search results that displays images of various local businesses fitting the description of your search-whether they be Ethiopian restaurants or tiki bars.

Source: Search Engine Land

Unclicked Display And Video Ad Impressions Are Now Viewable In Google Analytics

Google Analytics had added a report to help advertisers better understand how exposure to their brand impacts future conversions. With the ad impressions report for display and video ads, Google now offers advertisers a way to discover how those impressions assist in later click-throughs to conversion.

Source: Marketing Land

Android Device Use Throughout The Day Is More Consistent Than iOS Usage

According to data collected by the ad network Chitika, iOS and Android users are not the same people. The data revealed that Android device use is more consistent throughout a 24-hour period, while iOS devices (iPads included) tend to elicit more peaks and valleys. None of this data is really surprising (iPads are mostly used in after-work or weekend settings), but it helps to verify assumptions before jumping to conclusions.

Source: Marketing Land

Twitter Buys Local Search Company

Twitter now owns Spindle, a local search startup that specializes in social “discovery.” The company is moving to Twitter’s San Francisco office, and gives the social network some much-needed local search leverage.

Source: Marketing Land

DuckDuckGo Is The Post-NSA/PRISM Scandal Winner

Apparently some people DO know and care that search engines track them and compile privacy data. DuckDuckGo, the most notorious private search engine on the web, has experienced a deluge of traffic since the revelations. The site received 3 million searches for the first time in its history, after registering around 1.3 – 1.5 million queries per day before the news broke.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Yelp: Conversion Is King

Yelp recently added a Call to Action option that allows advertisers to promote a featured offer to users on both desktop and mobile devices. Now it’ll be possible to click through directly to deals when checking out a business on the popular local listing and review site.

Source: Marketing Land

OED Down With The SEM

The Oxford English Dictionary included a number of online marketing / tech terms in its annual update to the official record of the words contained in the English language. Now search marketers can refer neophytes to the OED when bandying about terms such as “redirect”.

Source: Marketing Land

Google Analytics Admin Panel Gets A Facelift

In an update rolling out to Analytics users over the coming weeks, the Admin panel will feature columns of settings organized by Accounts, Properties and Views (formerly known as “Profiles”). Users will be able to switch between areas of the account using drop-downs, a move that should make navigating the numerous settings faster and more transparent.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Microsoft Relents To Criticism, Un-Sucks At The X-Box One

Well, sort of. You don’t have to be always connected to the Internet, and you can play used games. That’s a start.

Source: Gizmodo

Amazon Plays Hardball On State Sales Tax

The number of states in which Amazon has terminated all associate relationships because of “E-fairness” tax legislation is now eight. Minnesota was latest on the chopping block, due to what Amazon calls the state’s “unconstitutional…state tax legislation.” Amazon has previously severed these relationships in California, North Carolina, Colorado, Connecticut, Arkansas, Illinois and Rhode Island.

Source: Marketing Land

The FTC Is Targeting Patent Trolls

The Federal Trade Commission is launching an investigation into “patent trolls,” who are the primary reason for the recent explosion in patent lawsuits. The FTC will also look into where these people are getting their money/patents, and if they are connected to any big name companies. Hallelujah.

Source: Ars Technica

Firefox Will Still Limit User Tracking

Firefox is sticking to its guns when it comes to its plan to block the most common types of Internet tracking by limiting the placement of cookies in users’ browsers. Firefox would allow cookies if the user opted into being tracked. While the plan has been applauded by many users, it obviously hasn’t been hailed by advertisers. Still, according to Mozilla, a widespread release of the blocking technology is still months in the future.

Source: Wall Street Journal

The South African Government Paid $40 Million For A $45 WordPress Design

You read that right.

Source: News 24


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