Google Analytics Now Packs More Power, More Flex—More Intellect

Google Analytics Now Packs More Power, More Flex—More Intellect

Last week Tuesday, Google announced the release of an arsenal of new features it added to Google Analytics for enterprise-class users.

To kick it off, Google added a heavy-handed dose of added power, amping up the reporting capabilities considerably.   In addition to ubiquitous power upgrades for functions across the board, Google Analytics now offers a new option to measure user engagement and branding success with enhanced accuracy.

According to Google, users will now be able to “set thresholds for Time on Site and Pages per Visit.” With the new feature dubbed ‘Advanced Table Filtering’, users will now be able to filter thousands of keywords to pinpoint money keywords with scalpel-like precision.

In addition to the Advanced Table Filtering tool, other power enhancements, to name just a few, include an array of new and powered-up features including:

  • Engagement goals
  • Expanded mobile reporting
  • Unique visitor metrics
  • Custom report templates & custom alerts

For those who wanted more proficient usage data than just simple page views and unique visitors—there’s no need to fret. Google Analytics’ new Multiple Custom Variables option enables users to define and track visitors from variables such as visitor attributes, session attributes, and by page-level attributes.

Moving On The Mobile Market

Users asked for more flexibility—and Google answered. Currently, the company is making the move on the mobile market, focusing on Google Analytics tracking on mobile phones.

According to Google, most phones will be supported, even if the mobile device isn’t running the JavaScript. In sum, users who want to track mobile traffic will need to add “a server-side code snippet” to their mobile site. According to Google, this code will be made available in the coming weeks.

In other developments, it should also be noted that Google has come to the rescue of iPhone and Android mobile-application developers, now allowing them to accurately track how users engage with apps.

Google Analytics – Now IQ Equipped

Aside from enhanced power, increased usability and mobile versatility—the most notable announcement may perhaps be that Google Analytics now “tells you what to pay attention to” with its new Analytics Intelligence function. This new tool analyzes traffic data and alerts users of any significant changes or fluctuations in data. If, on the other hand, you’d prefer to just customize the alerts yourself, Google also implemented the Custom Alerts function, which you can use in lieu of the Analytics Intelligence. Ether way, users can set daily, weekly or monthly triggers on different dimensions and metrics, which are subsequently prompted via email or in the user interface when the changes are made.