Paige Heinemeyer

Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

Going to the gym or watching scary movies!

Most Inspiring Person

My sister

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee

All the food options

Favorite Blog or Website


Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

The people

Paige Heinemeyer is a Paid Advertising Manager at Rocket Clicks. A graduate from Lakeland University with a focus on Business & Marketing, she is fascinated by the advertising world and pursued it out of college. Outside of Rocket Clicks, you can find Paige with family and friends, going to the gym, watching movies or going out to dinner.

Posts by Paige

Beginners Guide to NinjaCat Reporting

Posted by Paige Heinemeyer & filed under Client Education.

Ninja Cat is an all-in-one reporting, monitoring, call tracking and data pipeline solution for leading digital marketing agencies and marketing companies. This beginners guide will take you through the basics of the reporting template, and it will show you how to update scorecard widgets, graphs and charts. These tips are meant to create ease when […]

Routine Excel Hacks for the Beginner PPCer

Posted by Paige Heinemeyer & filed under Client Education.

We’ve all been there: starting out as new PPCers, trying to navigate the waters and figure out this complex thing called digital advertising. At first, it can be overwhelming, but with a few helpful Excel formulas, PPC doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as you might think. The video below will walk you through some […]

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