Get ready for our EOS® Pre-conference Digital Marketing Presentation

Get ready for our EOS® Pre-conference Digital Marketing Presentation

Ever wonder what your digital marketing company is hiding from you? You’re in luck because we’ve got the answers.

Join us at the 2021 EOS® Conference at 5 p.m. on Wednesday, April 28 in Houston, Texas for our pre-conference talk: “What your Digital Marketing Agency Doesn’t Want You to Know.”

Hate the idea of waiting until EOS Conference to learn those agency secrets and solutions?

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Why you need to vet your Digital Marketing Company

Go to any major city in the US and you can find dozens of digital marketing agencies. The reality is that businesses must question how they are growing online. Digital is not going away and neither are agencies.

Advertising platforms like Google, Facebook, Bing and other search engines are continuously putting out new advertising methods built on more complex algorithms that harness more and more user data. This battleground requires technical expertise that most small businesses under 100 employees can’t afford to hire, manage or develop internally.

Agencies fill that gap.

We talk to enough potential partners to hear the disdain and frustration hidden inside the word “Agency.” The business model used by the majority of these agencies wasn’t designed with the client in mind. It was designed to supplement marketing knowledge in most organizations as efficiently as possible.

So what’s different about Rocket Clicks?

Rocket Clicks focuses on building healthy long-lasting partnerships. We were not created to supplement what’s missing. We built our entire internal structure to exist as a whole entity that can act as a partner to an existing business. We break up the status quo surrounding the client/agency relationship.

In our talk at the #EOSConference2021, we are going to share the most important secrets that your marketing company doesn’t want you to know. Why? Because it’s in your best interest to know there is life outside the standard agency relationship.

What to expect from our pre-conference marketing seminar

You will walk away from our EOS session informed and, dare we say, thoroughly entertained. We might ruffle a few agency feathers along the way, but if it means you have 100% confidence in your digital marketing relationship – it’s worth it.

In addition to the top 5 secrets we’re sharing, you’ll learn:

  • Questions to ask your digital marketing agency to change the conversation
  • Answers to those questions
  • How to spot any red flags in your current partnership
  • Benchmarks to compare your agency relationship (call it the gold standard in client and agency relationships)

Rocket Clicks was built to break up the traditional marketing game. Our work goes much deeper than what your traditional agency is capable of providing. We come in as a partner, sitting on the same side of the table as you.

Want to learn more about our talk? Get access to those 5 Secrets Ahead of time? Reach out to us so we can boost your confidence in your own digital strategy with a FREE marketing relationship audit.


Kyle Mealy

Kyle is a passionate and driven leader with a talent for building connections and amplifying communities, people, and businesses. His unique background gives him the confidence to adapt and find success in any environment.