How to Expand Your Search Marketing Opportunities

How to Expand Your Search Marketing Opportunities

If you’re managing an account for paid search advertising or pay-per-click (PPC), you should know the basics of keyword research, building out the structure of an account and tracking performance. Another major aspect of managing an account is reviewing the search terms that are triggering your ads to appear.

It’s important to complete search query reporting as a way to audit the search terms that may negatively affecting the success of your campaigns.

But how do you know what search terms could be beneficial to expanding your campaigns to reach even more potential customers? Here is a step-by-step process for digging deep into your account to understand how to expand your search marketing opportunities.

Start by selecting a high-performing/high spend ad group. Within that ad group, go to the keyword section, and select the dropdown Search Terms tab. Also, setting the date range to 30 or more days will give you a better understanding of what users are searching over a longer period of time.

Now that you are viewing the search terms from the past 30 days, you can begin sifting through them to find expansion opportunities.

First, sort by conversions. You’ll want to pay attention to search terms that have converted but are NOT already targeted throughout your account. Once you have narrowed down search terms that have converted, it’s important to determine the value of those search terms as it related to the audience you are targeting, as well as the product or service you offer.

Does it make sense to add this search term as a targeted keyword? Looking at the data alone, you know that it has converted with your target audience, and it may be beneficial to add to your account.

By adding those search terms as keywords to your account, it will expand your reach within your target audience.

Another way to find expansion opportunities is to sort by impressions, while paying attention to click-through rate (CTR).

Reviewing search terms with the highest impressions will give you some insight into knowing what people are actually searching. Along with impressions, pay attention to CTR to confirm that users are clicking on your ad because it is relative to what they are searching for or interested in; they may just not have followed through to converting.

Using the tools you have within your account will help you determine new ways to expand your search marketing opportunities as well as help optimize your account to return better results.

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Tyler Dolph

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