How to (Better) Manage Your Leads on Facebook

How to (Better) Manage Your Leads on Facebook

Previously, leads were only available for download from the platform, which could then be reviewed in excel or uploaded to a users or advertisers CRM system. Facebook also allowed users to integrate their CRM systems to automatically upload leads that were collected from Facebook lead generation campaigns. However, this was not always reliable if users were using custom questions or other restrictions based on the CRM system and you could not automatically import leads from the account. 

What is Facebook Lead Center?

Facebook Lead Center was created as a way for advertisers and business owners to collect, manage and organize lead generation campaign results all within the platform. When looking at the Lead Center dashboard, you can view all information collected from the lead forms of your lead generation campaigns. It also includes the time created or when the users completed the form as well as the source, which shows the campaign and ad set the lead originated from within your account. 

Once you review the raw leads, you can begin to use Facebook’s filter options to sort through and organize. Filters include using the contact information that was collected. You can also assign labels to specific leads or groups of leads based on those filters for easier access and review later on. 

Another feature within Facebook Lead Center is the ability to move each lead into a different stage based on you or your client’s lead pipeline and qualifications that move them forward in the lead process. 

Included in the different stages are

  • In-Progress
  • Interested
  • Converted

Facebook also allows you to create custom audiences based on each stage level your leads are currently occupying, which can be used for remarketing or creating lookalike audiences for use in your advertising account. 

Facebook Lead Center Dashboard

How Can You Access Facebook Lead Center?

According to Facebook Help – Lead Center is currently only available on the desktop for businesses that utilize the “lead generation” objective for their advertising campaigns. 

In order to view the Lead Center through the Business Center you will need to access the Accounts Facebook page. Once you’re on the account Facebook page there will be an option at the top navigation bar labeled “Lead Center”. All users who have admin access to the account Facebook page should be able to review, manage and organize leads available through the Lead Center. 

Tip: If you still need to download the list of leads, this can also be done through Lead Center with or without the filter and stage sorting options. 

Facebook Lead Center Best Practices

  • Stay Up to Date on Organizing Leads – If you’re planning to exclusively use Facebook Lead Center for collecting and managing ads in lieu of a CRM system, make sure you’re regularly checking information coming in and organizing them based on the pipeline objectives you’ve set for qualified leads. 
  • Utilize Audience Creation Tools – Facebook makes it easier than ever to collect lead forms from potentially qualified users. If you’re using the Lead Center as your primary CRM system or not, make sure to utilize the audience creation options for remarketing to specific groups of leads or creating LAL audiences for a broader reach. 


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