How Facebook Shops can Lead to a Very Merry Holiday Season

How Facebook Shops can Lead to a Very Merry Holiday Season

With the kickoff of holiday season just a few weeks away, marketing teams are already strategizing to help increase sales from a slow COVID-19 year. They could update ad creative and make it more festive to drive interest, but there is a new place to showcase your inventory this year.

Facebook Shops is a fairly recent platform where e-commerce companies can take advantage of Facebook’s global reach to showcase their products. With just a few simple steps one can turn their handful of products into a professional customized online shop. With this shop set up, you can showcase your products across Facebook and Instagram in many different ways. 

1. Small Business Friendly Advertising

One of the many benefits of Facebook Shops is that it helps small businesses get their products online without having to spend tons of money to design an intricate e-commerce website. By just uploading an excel sheet of the products you offer, you can create different product sets and organize them on your customizable Facebook shop.

The other nice thing that about Facebook Shops is you don’t have to worry about the user clicking away from Facebook back to your website where there could be a conversion rate drop off. If the site doesn’t always match the branding of your Facebook shop, or your website isn’t mobile-friendly you could be driving away interested customers by taking them off Facebook.

With Facebook’s quick and easy purchasing process, the user can go from looking at one of your products to purchasing in just a few simple clicks.

2. Grow your Company Brand

So many people being stuck at home throughout 2020 has led to increases in traffic and usage for social media applications including Facebook. Over the holidays we’ll most likely see similar results of users buying online to avoid going into the stores.

With that increase in users searching or just browsing products, you’ll want to showcase your products in popular shopping destinations by having your Facebook Shop set up. This helps build brand awareness that you can continue to capitalize on even if the user doesn’t purchase anything.

In the audience tab of the Facebook Ads Manager, you can create multiple different audiences from custom to uploading customer lists. One of the custom audiences that you can build out is for users that have interacted with your Facebook Shop.

With the option of people who have viewed a product, added a product to their cart or purchased a product, the advertiser has many different ways to retarget these users even after the holiday season.

 Guide to creating a custom audience in Facebook

If you sell Christmas ornaments online and you have a group of users that don’t purchase before Christmas, you still have a way to promote your product. You could take that audience list and showcase products such as First Day of School ornaments in the fall, or even create a look-alike to build a similar audience that may not have heard of your brand.

3. Setting up Holiday Promotions

There are a ton of shopping-related holidays coming up before the end of the year. Some of the biggest opportunities for online shopping include Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With Facebook Shops, you can build out specific promotions to tie to different products or even across your whole shop.

If your Facebook shop is already set up and running and you have an opportunity to bring in more sales before the end of the year. With dynamic remarketing, you can show an ad for the product that the user specifically interacted with in the past, but offer them a holiday promotion code to nudge them closer to making the purchase.

Happy advertising!

Cass Gibbon

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