Industry Update for February 17, 2017

Industry Update for February 17, 2017

This Week’s Industry News

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Google Provides a Timeline to for SEO Improvements to Affect Rankings

This week Google released a video about hiring and SEO to optimize your website. During the video Google employee, Maile Oyhe, provided insights for selecting an SEO team that right for you. She also encouraged patience since most businesses will need 4 months to a year to reap the ranking benefits of the various organic optimizations that have been implemented. Source: The SEM Post

How Many Accounts Can an AdWords MCC Hold?

An interesting AdWords fact was learned last week when a Twitter user reached out to Google AdWords via tweet asking how many client accounts can be under one MCC account. AdWords responded saying that magic number is 85,000. Though there are some big agencies out there, one has to imagine if it’s even possible to hit that number of client accounts. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Mobile First Index Getting Closer to a Launch Date

Google’s impending Mobile First indexing has been an intimidating change to many SEOs since no one quite knows how search rankings will be affected once launched. This week at the Friends of Search conference Google mentioned the upcoming Mobile First change, but have yet to announce the official launch date. Google did say that it will take a few more months before its even ready to launch as they continue to work out any bugs in the new index. Source: The SEM Post

Bing Ads Adding List Exclusions for Search Retargeting

To give advertisers more flexibility with their search retargeting, Bing Ads has added the ability to create lists via the Universal Event Tag to block past users from seeing ads. These new exclusions have just been rolled out globally and can be added at the ad group level of your campaigns. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

List-Making Feature Added to Google Maps

Google recently added a new feature to their Google Maps that will provide users the opportunity to create lists of locations that can be accessed later or offline. Saving a location is accomplished by simply selecting the location name and hitting save. The new saved lists can also be shared via email, text or social media. Source: Search Engine Land

Additional Commentary

3 Facebook Automations for PPC Ads

PPC Hero Chadd Powell reviews three automation opportunities on Facebook to make managing your ads easier. First is automated bidding where Facebooks bidding algorithm will operate based on your overall choices including whether you want to optimize for clicks or conversions. Second is automated rules, which work very similarly to the automated rules that can be set in Google and Bing though not as robust. The last and most recent automation feature is split testing which allows advertisers to test creative on two different audiences or two optimization goals. But, this is a rather new tool that hasn’t rolled out into all accounts as of yet. Source: Chadd Powell, PPC Hero

Increasing Email Response Rates Requires Personalization… and Testing

Email campaigns can be extraordinarily helpful if you can get the recipients to open and maybe even reply to them. The main problem with email campaigns is they are often very time consuming to create and historically have a low return, but recently Moz blogger Sean Martin, ran three different email tests to increase consumer interaction. By personalizing the subject line and introduction, customizing the offer to the consumer and encouraging participation through conversation he was able to increase his email response rate from 8% to 34%. Source: Sean Martin; Moz Blog