Matt Hacker

Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

Hanging out with my family, coaching youth sports (wrestling, baseball, football), hunting/fishing, and singing

Most Inspiring Person

My dad

Favorite Blog or Website

Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

The culture and the feeling that everyone is striving to make themselves and their peers better.

Matt is a veteran in the digital marketing and SEO spaces, coming to Rocket Clicks with 10+ years in the industry. He is a data nerd. Matt lives with the mindset of working to get 1% better every day in all aspects of his life.

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From Leads to Revenue: The Marketing Story Unveiled

Posted by Anthony Karls & filed under Client Education.

Optimize Your Paid Media: Strategies to Convert Clicks into Revenue Maximize Your Paid Media Strategy: Effective Measurement Techniques: Learn how to measure the success of your paid media campaigns beyond basic metrics, focusing on a comprehensive marketing waterfall to track the journey from clicks to revenue. Advanced Tracking Methods: Discover the importance of integrating offline […]

Unlock SEO Success: Expert Strategies for Family Law Firms

Posted by Anthony Karls & filed under Client Education.

SEO Strategies for Family Law Firms Maximize Your SEO Knowledge: Understand Search Engines: Learn what search engines are, their history, and how they function to improve your website’s visibility and rankings. Strategize Effectively: Discover the importance of a structured SEO approach, focusing on the right keywords and understanding the algorithmic process to drive better results. […]

Revenue Roadmap: Unlocking the Power of Paid Media

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Revenue Roadmap: Unlocking the Power of Paid Media Maximize Your Business Growth with Paid Media: Grasp the Fundamentals: Understand the key differences between digital and offline paid media to leverage targeted advertising for your business. Harness the Power of Data: Learn how to use paid media to gather valuable customer insights and refine your marketing […]

Discover Hidden Opportunities with a Technical SEO Audit

Posted by Anthony Karls & filed under Client Education.

Discover Hidden Opportunities with a Technical SEO Audit Maximize Your Website’s Potential: Understand the essentials of technical SEO Implement key page elements like H1 tags and schema markup Identify common SEO mistakes and learn expert solutions Discover impactful examples of SEO driving business success Attract more clients with these technical SEO strategies! Ready to learn […]

Family Law Marketing

Posted by Tyler Norton & filed under Industries.

Unlock the $0 to $15M Revenue Generating Playbook for Family Law Firms Now it’s your turn to experience explosive growth by deploying the same strategies Claim Your Family Law Marketing Plan Today Transforming Family Law Firms with Proven Success We did it before, and we’ll do it again! These strategies are more than just theory […]

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