Lisa Filip

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Exploring the outdoors & traveling

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My Grandmother

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All of the local restaurants

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Lisa Filip has been working in digital advertising since she graduated with a degree in marketing from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. She loves the flexibility and the ever-changing nature of digital advertising because there is always something new to learn. Outside of Rocket Clicks, Lisa loves to be outside and enjoys hiking, camping, and taking photos.

Posts by Lisa

Your Guide to Facebook Audience Manager

Posted by Lisa Filip & filed under Client Education.

Understanding who your digital audience is and how they interact with your ads is one of the most important tools in any paid advertising toolbox. In the world of social platforms, Facebook has created a dedicated space where you can manage all your audiences for an account in one, centralized location. Facebook Audience Types You […]

Grow Your Customer List with Facebook Lead Ads

Posted by Lisa Filip & filed under Client Education.

A great feature of Facebook advertising is the variety of marketing objectives available. Facebook provides an objective for almost every type of goal, whether it’s brand awareness, engagement, sales, store traffic or lead generation. At Rocket Clicks, many of our clients are service-based, which means our goal is to grow their list of potential customers. […]

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