Marketing Landmark:

Whats & Whens

Get clear on how to bring all the players and pieces together and turn your vision into a reality.

Whats and Whens

Signs You're In the Right Place

Expectations for marketing typically sound like dreams (“It’d be nice to finish this quarter”), rather than deadlines (“By EOD the 21st”).

The marketing plan exists solely in the leader’s head – individual team members can’t reference the plan or be held accountable to it.  

Without asking, it would be impossible to know which projects your marketing team is working on during a typical week.

Marketing plans and priorities often shift mid-way through execution. Team members spend hours working on projects that end up being dropped.

Your marketing team often ends up “reinventing the wheel” because existing content, templates, and other key assets are disorganized or difficult to access.

Marketing team members rely on “free” versions of software, tools, and programs, even when doing so regularly limits their efficiency or quality of work.

Why You Need Whats & Whens to Move Your Marketing Forward

When it comes to marketing, it’s easy to feel like you have it all figured out: a strong vision; clear goals; flawless messaging; a clever strategy. But without a disciplined effort to make it a reality, all that will go to waste. 

Day in, day out, marketing is a lot of work. Even the most inspired leaders can’t do it all on their own (at least not for long). The most successful marketing leaders are backed by a strong, accountable team, working together to reach their goal like a well-oiled machine. 

Keeping a marketing team aligned and accountable requires a lot of skill: people management, project management, time management, communication, collaboration, and so much more. 

There’s so much more to “Whats & Whens” than keeping track of to-do lists and deadlines. But…what else were we going to call this Landmark?

The 3 Key Steps to Clarifying Whats & Whens


5 Steps for Turning Your Strategic Vision Into an Actionable Marketing Plan

Key: Align on the plan

In order to bring your marketing strategy to life, your team needs an action plan. The problem? It’s not exactly easy to translate complex, multidimensional marketing goals into concrete projects and deadlines.

To help you get started, we outlined a five-step process for breaking down your big marketing idea into an executable plan with clear next steps. 

5 Productivity & Collaboration Tools Every Team Needs

Key: Invest in efficiency

You’ll never find a list of the exact resources your unique marketing team needs to keep things organized, be productive, and effectively collaborate. But in our experience, there are a few general types of tools, apps, or programs that virtually every team needst.

Read our blog to learn about the 5 key types of tools – and find out which versions our team uses here at Rocket Clicks.

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