Industry Update for July 8, 2015

Industry Update for July 8, 2015

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More Functionality Introduced to Recent Bing Ads Overhaul

Following up on Bing Ads overhaul earlier in the month, a few more new features were introduced recently and are now available. The first new feature is customized modules, which now allows users to customize their modules with filters after saving a filter on the campaigns tab. The second new feature is time period comparisons, which brings the period-over-period comparison tool to the home page, allowing an easier way of viewing performance trends. Source: Search Engine Land

Yahoo Trying Out Google Powered Search Results

Under its deal with Microsoft, Yahoo has been given the freedom to experiment with using search results from other search engines. Last week, Yahoo confirmed this by saying “from time to time, we runs small tests with a variety of partners including search providers”. This may signal that Yahoo is working with Google in other areas as well, or it could simply be an isolated event. Source: Search Engine Land

Bing is Now AOL’s Default Search and AOL Now Controls Display Ads

Recently, Bing has become AOL’s default search engine for its “portfolio of sites” according to Microsoft. Along with this new deal, AOL will be taking the display business from Microsoft and will now sell display, mobile, and video ads on properties owned by Microsoft for several different countries. Because of this switch, current Microsoft advertising employees will be asked to join the newly formed AOL display ads team. Source: The SEM Post

Study Sponsored by Yelp Claims Violation of Competition Laws by Google

Researchers from Columbia Law School and Harvard University Business School recently finished a study that supports their claims that Google degrades its search results. The researchers argue that Google violates competition laws because it promotes its own content in search results instead of drawing from all relevant sources. This study is expected to be referenced in the EU antitrust case in the near future. Source: Search Engine Land

Google Testing New Product Listing Ad

Google has recently begun testing a new type of product listing ad that appears to be a combination of a knowledge panel and product listing ad. The new PLA is very large in size and covers a huge part of the right side of the search results page. It’s accompanied by a sponsored tag and features the product name along with several reviews and details about the product. Google appears to be trying out different formats that works best for advertisers while still offering a great user experience. Source: The SEM Post

Brand’s Posts in Google+ No Longer Showing Up in Knowledge Graphs

Previously, posts from a given brand’s Google+ had been showing up in their Knowledge Graph on Google’s SERPs. This now defunct feature was advantageous because it gave brands the opportunity to squeeze in some extra content and a doorway to their Google+ profile. Source: Search Engine Land

Price Comparison Being Tested by Google in PLAs

Also being tested in product listing ads is a price comparison feature. This feature seems to appear when a listing is notable less expensive than other products being listed within the same PLA unit. The ad that contains the product with the lowest price is accompanied with a note stating that states “Price is X% lower than average online prices.” This new feature seems to only trigger when searching for very specific products. Source: The SEM Post

Post on Google’s Portuguese Webmaster Blog Says Don’t Even Ask For Links

In what has caused a bit of a stir in the SEO community, Google has told its Portuguese speaking webmasters to stay away from buying, selling, exchanging and even asking for links. However, this post was only added to the Portuguese blog so it could relate more specifically to that particular community. We shouldn’t expect there to be any sort of ban on asking for links coming from Google any time soon. Source: The SEM Post

AdWords Location Extensions Can Now Show Star Ratings

Local businesses who have received ratings from Google users can now have a ratings stars feature shown along with location extensions. If a business has location extensions enabled in AdWords with Google My Business, they are eligible to have these ratings stars appear in their ads on both desktop and tablet search results. Users are eligible if they have location extensions enabled and if their AdWords account is linked to their Google My Business account. Source: Search Engine Land

Additional Commentary

Does Thumbtack + Google Ventures = Conflict of Interest?

In this article, author Chuck Price doesn’t quite give a direct answer. However, he does hint at a potential answer by providing a ton of evidence as to why it’s advantageous to have Google’s financial and technical support. Ultimately, while Google may not be doing anything ethically wrong, there will always be a perception amongst the general public that there is a possibility they are. Analysis: Chuck Price, Search Engine Watch

4 Techniques to Improve PPC Time Management

Diane Anselmo covers four different techniques you can use to improve your time management with your PPC accounts. She goes over strategically scheduling tasks for each week, giving yourself plenty of time in advance to tackle a project, creating an extensive to-do list for the next few months, and utilizing resources within your company to help complete certain projects. The author states that by following these four techniques, she was able to keep her focus and complete all of her PPC tasks in a timely manner. Analysis: Diane Anselmo, PPC Hero