The Google Keyword Tool Merger, Twitter’s New Tweet Button, And More

The Google Keyword Tool Merger, Twitter’s New Tweet Button, And More

Google Updates Keyword Tool

Come September 1, the Google Keyword Tool and Search-based Keyword Tool will be joining forces as the new and improved Google Keyword Tool. The comprehensive tool will allow users a more flexible search experience with any combination of keywords or websites compiled into one set of results, easy keyword refinement, and more advanced options such as statistics for mobile searching and data filters based on location or search and ad share. Google also took user’s feedback from their beta testing to heart and came up with a few new features such as removing duplicate keywords and adding negative keywords through a simple drop down menu that appears when you click on a keyword on your list.

DirecTV Partners With Google TV Ads

For the past two years, DISH Network has partnered with Google TV Ads as the only dish TV provider to air advertising through the convenient Google system. Now the all-reaching search engine giant took another big step forward by entering into a similar agreement with DirecTV. From Google TV Ads’ blog post: “We’re partnering with DIRECTV because of our shared commitment to innovation in the television advertising space. You’ll have the ability to target this new inventory along with over 98 other cable networks already offered through our platform. To learn more about advertising with Google TV Ads, visit”

Twitter Unveils The New Tweet Button

We’ve all seen the “Tweet This!” widgets on our favorites web sites and blogs. Well Twitter has taken control of the popular Retweet button from TweetMeme and tweaked it to be more SEO and user friendly. The most visible change to the retweeting button is the removal of the http:// before all links and most of the URL is shown instead of the familiar shortened link. The new Tweet button also allows the sites with the widget on display to suggest Twitter accounts such as the site’s main account, that of a contributing writer, or a similar site. So if you have a blog or write for a web site, jump on this new Twitter bandwagon as soon as you can. It can only help. By Jake McCormick Rocket Clicks Staff


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