The New DoubleClick Google Ad Exchange, Bing Is Growing, Yahoo’s Huge Marketing Campaign, And More

The New DoubleClick Google Ad Exchange, Bing Is Growing, Yahoo’s Huge Marketing Campaign, And More

The New DoubleClick Ad Exchange

Due to the complexity and time involved in managing display campaigns, many advertisers today either don’t attempt to create display ads, or don’t invest as much as they would like in it.  On the other side of the fence, some publishers are left with as much as 80% of their advertising space unsold.

Google describes three principles that they believe will solve this problem and help grow the display advertising pie for everyone:

  1. Simplify the system for buying and selling display ads.
  2. Deliver better performance that advertisers and agencies can measure.
  3. Democratize access to display advertising and make it accessible and open, like search advertising

They are putting these three principles to work with the announcement of the new DoubleClick Ad Exchange, a real-time online marketplace where publishers and advertisers can buy and sell display advertising space.  Google acquired DoubleClick in 2007 for about $3 billion and have integrated their system with Google to extend its system for matching advertising opportunities with buyers. The new Ad Exchange features — such as real-time dynamic allocation to maximize yield, and access to many more advertisers — will benefit those who sell ads, while features such as access to more publishers and more ad space, a real-time bidder, and a new easy to use interface with enhanced reporting will benefit ad buyers.

Yahoo! To Unveil Massive New Marketing Campaign

Yahoo is set to announce a major marketing campaign to reset advertiser and consumer perception of the long-troubled company during Advertising Week in New York.  The main message to be delivered is that Yahoo is a powerhouse unlike any other when it comes to display advertising and to remind people of just how big Yahoo really is. Sources also stated that the company is likely to stick to its plan of being “your home on the web” to consumers.

Details of the plan will be publically released Tuesday, September 22nd at a press conference.  This announcement is set to take place immediately after a keynote speech by the company’s new CMO Elisa Steele on the second day of the Interactive Advertising Bureau’s MIXX conference.

Bing Keeps Growing

Microsoft’s Bing is now the fastest growing U.S. search engine among the top 10, grabbing 10.7% of the market.  August searches on Bing were 1.1 billion, a giant leap of 22.1% over July searches.  Microsoft will supposedly be debuting Bing 2.0 this fall, which will introduce a variety of new features including a “visual search” feature that shows thumbnail images for certain search results.

How the Economy Effects Marketing

A recent study by revealed statistics showing the media for which U.S. Marketers have cut the most spending due to the economy in Q2 of 2009.  Topping the charts was print media, with 37.5% of advertisers saying they cut spending for it, and TV advertising, with 21.4% cutting spending for it.  Only 1.8% of the respondents cut spending for search and email marketing, showing a higher importance in these mediums.

Twitter Updates Advertising Policies

Twitter stated in a recent blog post that they have made changes to their Terms of Service now that they know more about how Twitter is being used.  They have now created the option to advertise on their site, stating they “like to keep their options open”.   The Terms of Services states that the advertisements “may be targeted to the Content or information on the Services, queries made through the Services, or other information”.

By Jessica Manganello

Paid Search Staff