‘Trying On’ Clothes When Online Shopping, Video Ad Lengths, And More

‘Trying On’ Clothes When Online Shopping, Video Ad Lengths, And More

Online Retail Shopping – The Virtual “Trying On” Experience

Rather than buying clothes online and finding out they don’t fit when you receive them, Zugara Webcam Social Shopper gives users a virtual “trying-on” experience by using augmented reality and motion capture technology.  Using a webcam and a printout from their website, users can select between items and styles to see what the items will look like on them. Users can then connect with Facebook to share their look with friends or capture the image and print it out.

Audience-Friendly Video Ad Lengths

A recent study by MTV called “Project Inform” determined which advertisements are the most effective and audience-friendly for short-form online videos.  It found that a 5-second long “pre-roll” ad prior to the video, along with a 10-second semi-transparent ad that takes up the lower third of the video, is the most effective format.
This also applies to YouTube’s new beta offering, which will also allow 15-second or less pre-roll ads on short-form YouTube videos (10 minutes in length or less).

Re-Designed Yahoo Similar to iGoogle

Yahoo has redesigned their homepage to a format that looks similar to iGoogle.  Users can now personalize their webpage with a “My Favorites” section, see a preview of a website before they click on a link, and update their status.

Top Mobile Advertising Verticals

The Top 10 Q2 Mobile Advertising Verticals Ranked by Spend are as Follows:

  1. Entertainment (motion picture, TV, music, and games)
  2. Telecommunications
  3. Portals
  4. Dating
  5. Retail
  6. Consumer-packaged goods
  7. Automotive
  8. Armed Forces
  9. Education
  10. Travel

Google Wave

Google Wave, an all-in-one communication and collaboration tool is set to be released to 100,000 select users on September 30th.   It is said to be the new way to email and network, and is a combination of email, instant messaging, and web-based media.

By Jessica Manganello

Paid Search Staff