Ispionage’s New Beta Research Tool – Making Competitive Research Even Easier For Advertisers

Ispionage’s New Beta Research Tool – Making Competitive Research Even Easier For Advertisers

Big news for market researchers – Competitive Intelligence Company, Ispionage, just released a new beta interface with enhanced features and great new research tools earlier this week.

Here at RocketClicks, we use Ispionage nearly daily to check competitor’s ads, search for new keywords, and find new competitors and so much more.  The old product was great, but let’s face, instant stats and results weren’t possible.  You had to set your keywords and let them run for a bit to collect data. So users spoke, and Ispionage definitely listened.

Instead of relying solely on the data you input and letting the system run, Ispionage has now opened up the floodgates to their own database.  Of course, keywords that I have been tracking for a long time have more data, but now immediate data is available.

Here Are Some Major New Features To Try Out

Search by Domain & Keyword

The process before consisted of having to input keywords, letting the system run, and then find the domain you want to compare.  NOW, you can input the actual domain and receive competitors in both Yahoo & Google and top keywords for the industry, all in an easy to follow summary page. To top it off they have average position and number of keywords in easy to read charts on the top of the page to see seasonality and trending.

Top Competitors & Overlapping Keywords

Once you dig deeper into the competitors you can find overlapping keywords, and keyword count. This has been a great tool for keyword expansion and experimentation.

Keyword Bag Function

Once you find any search terms that interest you, they have created an easy to use “keyword bag”, much like a shopping cart that you can throw keywords into. This has been incredibly helpful in keyword expansions.  Instead of having to download a list of 300 keywords, I can cherry pick them and implement them right away. This has been a huge time saver.

Top Ad Copy On The Fly

The big difference here is in the old interface you could only see the ads for keywords that you were tracking. In this research beta, you can see the ads for all the top keywords in the industry.

“Who Is” Data

Ispionage is now pulling data from the Domain Names Registrar Company “WhoIs” directly, giving site information as well as company contact information for sales efforts.


The bottom line is that the new beta is great for initial company research, as well as ongoing optimization of any pay per click account.  Ispionage has continuously proven to be a great asset for many components of PPC management and has personally become “an advertiser’s best friend” here at RocketClicks.

By Nicole Nerad
Paid Search Manager

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  1. skarld

    Where’s the link to Ispionage?

  2. Amanda Witucki

    To take advantage of the new features, just go to and log in. If you don’t have an account, you can still browse the site to learn more about their new and existing tools, and then decide if you want to sign up!

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