Industry Update for May 6, 2016

Industry Update for May 6, 2016

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AMP Likely to Be a Factor for Local Businesses Soon

A Google employee recently hinted in the Google Webmaster Help forum that AMP might start playing a more significant role in local SEO – specifically because AMP pages load quicker for mobile devices with spotty connections. While a forum post might not carry as much weight as an official announcement, Google’s recent track record of promoting AMP gives credence to the idea that it will continue expanding in the search results. Source: The SEM Post

Analytics Now Includes Sitelink Reporting From AdWords

In a recent Analytics update, Google has made it possible to view Sitelink reporting. This recent addition began to roll out several weeks ago, but has recently been rolled out to all Analytics users. You can find this report under the Acquisition and AdWords section of Analytics. Source: The SEM Post

New Mobile Friendly Test Coming to Search Console

Although it’s currently only in the testing stage, Google has revealed that it will definitely be coming out with a “revamped version of the Mobile Friendly Test” for Search Console. Since it is just in the testing phase, only a small percentage of users will be able to try it out via the Mobile Usability report in Search Console. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

New Version of Editor Releases New App Features

Google recently announced the release Version 11.4 of the AdWords editor which comes with new mobile app updates and the ability to create review extensions in the Editor. New Mobile App updates include the ability to create mobile app installs campaigns for the GDN as well as app extensions. Other updates to the Editor include the ability to edit frequency capping along with ads and extensions having their own separate sections in the navigation panel. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Google Now Showing Extended Featured Snippets in Search Results

Several people in the SEO community have begun seeing extended featured snippets in the search results. The beginning of these extended featured snippets look no different than the featured snippets we’re used to seeing, but underneath the link that leads searchers to the source of the snippet there is a “Related topics” section. In this section, there are typically three shorter snippets about topics that Google sees as relevant to your query. Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Additional Commentary

Tactics to Boost Your Remarketing Campaign

Steven Plimmer at the SEM Post gives his advice on driving sales with 12 remarketing tactics. Most of the author’s tactics include adjusting your ad strategy ranging from simple ad testing to running completely different ads on weekends vs. weekdays. If you’re finding your Remarketing campaign to be inefficient, Plimmer suggests lowering impression frequency to limit your ad exposure to a single user. The author also makes a point to consider “Day parting” so you can review top performing days of the week and create a custom schedule based on that. Analysis: Steven Plimmer, The SEM Post

How Voice Search Will Change Digital Marketing – For the Better

In this post for Moz, guest author and Microsoft employee Purna Virji tries to make a case for voice search as the next big opportunity for digital marketers. Virji argues that the opportunity lies in the differences between a text search and voice search (short tail queries vs. long tail queries) along with the growing popularity and effectiveness of voice search. For example, someone typing “digital camera” into Google may not show much purchase intent, but a voice search for “Where can I buy a digital camera?” shows concrete purchase intent and, as a result, should be targeted as a keyword/key phrase. Analysis: Purna Virji, Moz Blog