Industry Update for May 19, 2017

Industry Update for May 19, 2017

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Featured Snippets Aren’t Getting a Second Organic Listing

On Monday, Google dropped the regular organic listing for pages shown in the Featured Snippet. In the past the page accessed for the Featured Snippet would also be part of the organic search results. A Google spokesperson has confirmed the test, but didn’t provide any additional information. As of Thursday, it appears the test is still going.

Source: TheSEMPost

Expandable Ads /w Carousels on Mobile Google SERP

Recently appearing on Google’s mobile search results page is a new style of ad with an expandable section containing a carousel at the bottom of the ad. While this style is similar to other previous ads with carousels, this is the first one where you need to expand the ad first before viewing it. This test is currently active for multiple countries, though they may not be seen in every query. Source: The SEM Post

New Bing Feature You May Actually Use

In an attempt to stand out from Google, Bing has launched a new search feature. Targeted at outdoor enthusiasts a search for “trails near me” will return local results for nearby hiking trails. There is also a compare option when you can’t decide which trail is right for you. This new feature works on both desktop and mobile, mobile searches also include links to live directions for your hike. Source: Search Engine Land

Pop-Up AdWords Ads Appearing on Google Maps

A new type of ad has popped up recently, this time directly in Google Maps. This new ad appears in the form of a pop-up on Google Maps when users are viewing local results. The noteworthy part of this test that experts are noticing is the fact that they were seeing an ad for a nearby competitor rather than an ad for the business the maps user is showing on the page. This test currently appears to be very limited. Source: The SEM Post

Google Assistant is now IOS Compatible

During Google’s Keynote at I/O 2017 they announced the launch of an IOS compatible app for Google Assistant. Assistant will be competing against Apple’s Siri and Microsoft’s Cortana, but the new app provides users the opportunity to choose the one they like best or is compatible with their home assistant. Other new Assistant features announced include: notifications, type to Assist, Google Lens integration, hands-free calling and visual responses.

Source: Search Engine Roundtable

Additional Commentary

Alternatives to Google AdWords

Michael Knight loves AdWords, but shares several other platforms you use should you wish to expand your PPC reach. Beyond the typical Bing and Yahoo, Knight recommends AdRoll which is widely used as a retargeting platform. Quantcast is also a strong platform to consider as it has the ability for users to dive into a untapped display audiences. Another platform Knight recommends is BuySellAds which contains one of the largest networks for you to have your banner ads appear around the web. Source: Michael Knight, PPC Hero

Bring in an SEO Expert Early for a New Site or Overall Redesign

Whether your site is outdated and needs a facelift or your launching a new site, consulting with an SEO expert from the start can play a major role in the overall success of your site. Kevin Gamache at Search Engine Watch broke down why getting an SEO’s opinion early and often can prevent future problems. An SEO consultant can ensure your site design is search friendly, find potential content opportunities, optimize updates to page data, utilize off-page content to enhance your brand and launch major SEO initiatives like schema and HTTPS implementation. Source: Kevin Gamache, Search Engine Watch