Industry Update for January 19, 2018

Industry Update for January 19, 2018

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Q&A Page Results Feature “Best Answer” Carousel

Google’s new search feature highlights the best answer when the page chosen to be displayed has a Q&A feature. The feature includes the amount of votes per answer and each answer has its own snippet box. Sites that have Q&A features where users can vote should include Q&A schema to increase the chances of being featured. This helps Google choose pages to index and rank but is also a great example of its expansion of search features using schema. Source: The SEM Post

AdWords App Update Adds More Functionality

A new update for the AdWords app has been released that makes the app a little more useful. With this update, advertisers can add, edit or remove keywords from their campaigns. Advertisers will be able to edit keywords themselves or change their match types all while on the go. The AdWords app can be downloaded from the iOs and Google Play app stores. Source: Search Engine Land

Google My Business Videos Officially Live

After much testing, video upload features in Google My Business (GMB) are now live. However, Google announced on Twitter that they’re experience an issue with the video uploads, but they anticipate a fix shortly. Once users can begin uploading their videos, they can expect them to appear 24 hours after upload. Videos can also be displayed according to who uploaded the tab so videos uploaded by customers and by the owner will be nestled under two separate tabs. Source: SERoundtable

Google Announces “Speed Update”

Google announced that starting July 2018, an important mobile ranking factor will be page speed. Previously, the speed of a page in mobile searches was not a ranking factor. Google is dubbing the new ranking factor the “Speed Update.” It will only affect pages that deliver the slowest mobile speed and a small percentage of queries. Google states that content and intent of the search query will still hold a higher importance in ranking factors and pages that do this really well may not be affected by the update at all. Source: Googles Webmaster Blog


Top Habits PPCers Need to Break

Lisa Raehsler shares common bad habits that the typical PPCer needs to break to maintain a healthy PPC account. The first bad habit to break is permanently setting your ads rotation to rotate indefinitely, which you should only use when you intend to do a test.  Another bad habit is displaying your ads outside your geo target. If you find that users outside your geotargeted location are clicking on your ads when viewing a user location report in the dimensions tab, you need to changed your Advanced Location Options to “people in your targeted locations.” An additional bad habit that needs to be broken is ignoring ads on mobile apps/games. Ads can be served on mobile apps even in your Remarketing campaigns, so if they are not working for you you will need to exclude them individually or block Source: Lisa Raehsler, Search Engine Journal

Analytics Update and Your Customers

Clark Boyd of Search Engine Watch outlines the latest enhancements in Google Analytics and its impact on search marketing analysis. Four major features have seen an update, the first one being Users in standard reports. The standard report has been updated to include user-level data that marketers can combine with other features to gain insight into how groups of users interact with the site. User Explorer has seen a useful update as well. The revamped feature now includes a lifetime metric and dimensions for individual users which allows marketers to isolate user behavior down to the session level. Audience reporting now allows users to create audiences as a primary dimension to compare performance across different segments. The last update which can have a major impact on marketer’s ROI, is conversion probability which identifies recent site visitors with the highest probably of a future conversion. Source: Search Engine Watch