Industry Update for September 24, 2015

Industry Update for September 24, 2015

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Phone Numbers & Addresses Reappear in Local 3-Packs

When Google made the drastic change from local 7-packs to 3-packs, they also decided they would no longer display each business’s full address and phone number. But, almost two months after making the change, Google has apparently begun to add full addresses and phone numbers back into the local packs. While the response to this reversion will undoubtedly be positive, there is no guarantee that these changes will be permanent. Source: The SEM Post

New Dynamic Callout Extension in AdWords

Recently announced by Google is an additional extension now available in AdWords. Dynamic Callout Extensions automatically highlight useful information regarding your business or product. Google stated that “Dynamic callouts are generated based on the information on your website, helping reduce the amount of time you spend managing individual callouts.” Source: Search Engine Roundtable

“Claim This Business” Button Showing Up in Local Knowledge Panels

In an effort to increase the number of claimed businesses in Google My Business, Google has added a “Claim this business” link in local knowledge panels for businesses that have yet to set up an account. While it appears that this feature is just a test, it could also be tied to Google’s recent requirements for businesses to re-verify their listing. Source: The SEM Post

AdWords Advertisers Win Appeal Allowing Them to Sue Google

A number of advertisers have recently won an appeal allowing them to sue Google as a group. The case is titled Pulaski & Middleman LLC v. Google Inc. and the group argues that between July 2004 and March 2008, Google had been charging the advertisers for ads appearing either on error pages or parked domain pages. It is unknown how many advertisers are involved in the case and Google has not made any comments on the case either. Source: The SEM Post

Google’s Appeal in French ‘Right to Be Forgotten’ Case Denied

Throughout the last few months, Google and France have been butting heads on the issue of “Right to Be Forgotten” and how far-reaching this protection of privacy should be. France’s Data Protection Authority, CNIL, has ruled that Google should be forced to remove listings from all versions of its search results when a legitimate RtBF request is submitted. Google is expected to immediately begin removing information about French residents from its search results. Source: Search Engine Watch

New Addition to AdWords: Gmail Ads

Gmail Ads, which have been around for a few years now, have been integrated into AdWords earlier this month. Once its own unique platform, Gmail Ads have been some notable changes with its inclusion into AdWords, primarily for reporting and general features. While advertisers familiar with AdWords should have an easy time with the transition, those unfamiliar may have some challenges navigating the new system. Source: Search Engine Land

Creation of Alphabet May Allow Google More Opportunity to Localize

According to new research from Forrester, Alphabet will give Google the chance to focus more on localization. Google’s ability to focus solely on its core competencies (namely search) should provide it with the opportunity to adapt more easily to regional regulations. More specifically, Forrester believes that Google China will soon restructure in order to zero-in on meeting government demands. Source: Search Engine Watch

Additional Commentary

Can Your Keywords Become Too Segmented?

Senior Account Manager Matt Umbro wants to ask and answer one simple question: Can you segment to the point where you’re actually harming your account? Umbro’s answer is yes. He believes that by over analyzing a situation, your segmentation can become too granular, leading to low search volume keywords. He recommends keeping it simple at the start, followed by expansion with the possibility of pulling back again. He recommends you determine if the segmentation is actually worth it before doing so. Analysis: Matt Umbro, PPC Hero

Why Keywords Can Still Drive Architecture and Content

Over the last few years, the emphasis on keywords has started to diminish as SEOs try to steer clear of keyword stuffing. In this piece defending the value of keywords, author Jennifer Van Iderstyne explains how they impact the structure of a website. Van Iderstyne argues that keywords “are our clearest insight into the minds of searchers”, but cautions SEOs that they shouldn’t “force keyword optimization” or “take phrases at face value alone”. Source: Jennifer Van Iderstyne, Search Engine Watch