Industry Update for August 5, 2015

Industry Update for August 5, 2015

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New Upgrades to Dynamic Search Ads in AdWords

Google has recently released a major update for Dynamic Search Ads that has completely reworked the feature. Website content is now organized by Google and a recommended category will be given to target ads. Advertisers are then given the option to use the recommended category or to explore sub categories. Along with this update, more tools are added to the feature that allows users to view examples of queries, ad copy, and bids. Source: The SEM Post

Google Says ‘No’ to Worldwide Right to Be Forgotten

France’s request that Google extends its “right to be forgotten” policy worldwide has been formally shot down. Google will continue to honor “right to be forgotten” requests within the country they are submitted, but they will not, in any case, extend the request throughout all versions of the search engine. In its statement, Google explains its choice by saying that they “believe that no one country should have the authority to control what content someone in a second country can access.” Source: Search Engine Journal

Colored Background Ads Tested by Yahoo

Yahoo has recently been testing a slight change to their search results ads, offering a bit of a throwback to industry veterans. Some search ads, specifically on Yahoo Canada, are appearing with a pale blue background behind them. Years ago, search ads often appeared with colored background behind them in order to separate them from organic results, so it’s interesting to see Yahoo testing something that was abandoned long ago. Source: The SEM Post

Facebook Showing ‘Nearby Places to Eat’ in Mobile App

Recently, Facebook quietly added a feature that allows users to view nearby restaurants based on their location. Facebook has dubbed the feature “Nearby Places to Eat”, although the name changes throughout the day based on what time it is (for example, in the morning, users will see “Nearby Places for Breakfast” instead). The feature displays the restaurant name, review scores, and distance from the user’s location among other things. Source: Local SEO Guide

Bulk Uploading Now Available for Shopping Campaigns

To ease management in Shopping Campaigns, Google has recently added bulk uploads for Shopping Campaigns to AdWords. Mass changes can now be made for product groups, bids, and more. You can begin by downloading a report from the Product Groups tab, making your changes, and uploading the changes. Once uploaded, all changes are automatically applied. Source: Search Engine Land

Complaints Rolling In Over Difficulty to Switch Away from Bing in Windows 10

Not surprisingly, those upgrading to Windows 10 are noticing that Windows’ new browser, Edge, is set as the default with Bing as the default search engine. The problem with this for users has been naming a new default browser and search engine. In fact, this process has been so frustrating that Mozilla CEO Chris Beard sent an open letter to Microsoft to complain. Source: Search Engine Land

Google Testing Ads for Home Services Market

Specifically being tested in the San Francisco Bay Area, Google has been testing a new program that connects users with pre-qualified home service professionals in their area. This initial test is focusing solely on local plumbers and locksmiths and marks Google’s entry into a relatively heated market. For service providers to become eligible for this program they must first go through a background check for verification. Source: Marketing Land

Google Makes Search Analytics API Available

With the launch of the Google’s Search Analytics API, webmasters will now have the ability to create customized reports based on the data that is being pulled without actually having to log into Search Console. The availability of the API also opens the door for developers to create various apps and add-ons to better organize and analyze the search performance data. Source: VentureBeat

Additional Commentary

Important Questions to Ask Before Crafting a PPC Report

Account Analyst Rachael Law goes over important questions you need to ask yourself before creating your PPC report. Key questions include: Will the client understand the report? Do you have enough data? Can you back up your statements with data? Are there any errors or typos? These are just a few of the questions that need to be answered, but the author notes that it’s always important to support your claims with just the perfect amount of data. Analysis: Rachael Law, PPC Hero

The Future of Augmented Reality

In this short but exciting look into the future of augmented reality (AR) and how it might relate to SEO, guest author Dave Lloyd suggests that “while AR and VR are not prominent today, [he] wouldn’t rule out a near future in which AR and VR platforms rule the digital universe.” In referencing author David Amerland’s ideas, Lloyd argues that SEO and AR are destined to be linked because they both rely heavily on semantic technologies and, potentially, content insertion. Source: Dave Lloyd, Search Engine Watch