Hand-Tailored SEO VS Cookie-Cutter SEO Packages

Hand-Tailored SEO VS Cookie-Cutter SEO Packages

With an overabundance of SEO companies out there, it can be difficult to choose the right company to market your business. In addition, it’s necessary to understand the difference between an SEO company that will truly target your SEO efforts based on your business’ individual needs as opposed to an SEO company that’s just selling you a monthly cookie-cutter SEO package.

In today’s blog we’re going to take a look at why SEO services sold as packages don’t actually accommodate all your individual SEO needs and end up costing you some serious coin.

Cookie-Cutter SEO Packages

The general rule of thumb is that everybody’s business needs are different; every goal is different; and every SEO client is different. An SEO company that tries to sell an all-encompassing SEO package geared to work for every client is simply impossible. Though there are a few metrics that’ll intrinsically improve your sight like

  • Link Building
  • Meta descriptions and Title Tags
  • Directory Submissions
  • Sitemaps

The point is, if your SEO company doesn’t take into account your personalized market needs and personalized content, then the fundamental SEO methods like directory submissions, link building and content building won’t come close to delivering the SEO results you’re paying top-dollar for.

What’s In Your SEO Package?

To give you a more in-depth analysis of why these SEO packages don’t work, we’ve compiled some investigative research that’ll give you the lowdown on how many SEO companies provide top-dollar SEO packages that do little to nil to actually improve your business’ long-term growth and search-engine rankings.

For example, one SEO company we researched offers several SEO packages with a No Hidden Cost trademark ubiquitous on its SEO sales page. When investigating the packages further, however, it becomes apparent that there a number of inherent flaws with the company’s SEO packages, which are bundled into monthly service deals. The majority of services offered in the company’s packages include 6-to-12 weeks of preliminary reporting, analytics data, competition reports, and a directory listing to DMOZ.

These services, which cost upwards of $2000 per month—are basically fluff services that cost the SEO company next to nothing to generate. To boot, all the programs the company mentions it uses to generate the services, data and monthly reports—are free to download! Not to mention, it’s free to list in DMOz. So the question is, why fork over $2000 plus a month for SEO that does nothing, but give you status reports?

Hand-Tailored SEO

If you want to avoid expensive monthly SEO package deals that provide you with a stack of monthly status reports and no actual SEO work—then opt for a company that’ll take the time to actually research your market niche, and give you hand-tailored SEO designed precisely for your business. No matter what service you’re getting, if your SEO isn’t laser-targeted to your personal business needs, then everything from directory listings to link building will be a lost cause at your expense.