Google Updates Algorithm, Twitter Granulates Ad Options, Facebook Cracks Down On Fake Likes, & More

Google Updates Algorithm, Twitter Granulates Ad Options, Facebook Cracks Down On Fake Likes, & More

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Google Just Updated Their Algorithm (Probably)

This past week, the SEO world was abuzz with Donald Rumsfeld-ian speculation about a Google update. We don’t know where, we don’t know when or how, but something probably happened. Cyrus Shepard and a few SEO forums have confirmed they’ve noticed a shift in their website’s traffic (for better or worse) since September 1. Google has yet to respond or comment on the matter, but it’s safe to assume there’s a new and improved Penguin/Panda at work.

Source: Search Engine Land

Twitter Now Offers Ad Targeting Based On Personal Interests

Twitter’s advertising options keep getting better. Advertisers can now target Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts to specific users based on over 350 interests. In a conjoined move, Twitter lowered the minimum bid floor from 50 cents to one cent, further aligning the platform with its contemporaries.

Source: Search Engine Watch

Microsoft AdCenter Answers ‘Where’s My Ad?’ Question

One of the biggest gripes about Microsoft AdCenter is its inability to verify an ad was live and showing up in front of the proper audiences. Thankfully, Microsoft recently announced they have an update in their ad preview tool that will allow advertisers to simply view where their ads are being displayed and who is seeing them.

Source: Search Engine Land

Facebook Targeting Fake Likes

Facebook has pledged to drop the hammer on scammers who employ malware and fraud to gather phony “Likes” on the social networking site. The effort will include increasing the use of automated tools that can sniff out and remove fake “Likes” as well as updating security measures to better detect suspicious behavior. Facebook said that on average, less than 1 percent of likes on any given page would be removed, “providing they and their affiliates have been abiding by our terms.”

Source: Search Engine Watch

Google Granted Patent On Logging In Via Facial Recognition

Google was just awarded a patent for technology that allows users to login when their computer recognizes their face. If implemented, this development would allow for quick access to their Google accounts just by looking like themselves. It also could allow Google to know when you’re touching one of their services even if you’re not logged in. No word yet on if you could access someone’s Google account simply by putting a picture of them in front of a webcam.

Source: Webimax

The FTC Knows Search Engines Don’t Comply With Its Paid Listings Disclosure Guideline

In 2002, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission implemented an order for search engines to reveal all of their paid placement/inclusions. Two months ago, Search Engine Land’s Danny Sullivan wrote a letter to the FTC asking for a compliance review. They recently responded with a terse statement that essentially says, “We know it’s a problem. No comment.”

Source: Search Engine Land

If You Own A Smartphone, You’ve Probably Cleared Your History Once Or Twice

Marketing for mobile devices is becoming a very necessary (and lucrative) practice, and the more mobile interaction data advertisers and search engines can collect, the better they’ll be. There’s just one problem: people know their smartphone is consuming their personal data, and it scares them (apparently cookies on desktop computers don’t though).

According to a recent Pew Internet Project study, 50% of smartphone users have cleared their search/browsing history, and 57% of app users have deleted an application because it asked for personal information. Additionally, 30% of smartphone owners turned off location tracking.

Source: Search Engine Land

Google And TV: ‘Game Over, Man! Game Over!’

When it comes to selling digital advertising, Google’s is second to none. Traditional television, however, is a very different story. Google has officially announced that, after a four year trial period, it is abandoning tradition TV ads. Funny enough, Google continually struggled to sell itself and its motives to big media companies.

Source: Search Engine Watch

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