Facebook Taking Stance Against Click-bait Links, Amazon Wants To Compete Against AdWords, & More

Facebook Taking Stance Against Click-bait Links, Amazon Wants To Compete Against AdWords, & More

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Amazon To Compete with Google AdWords

Despite being one of the largest AdWords advertisers, Amazon is also competing with Google in other areas such as phone operating systems and product searches. It has been reported in the Wall Street Journal that Amazon is actively working on creating its own advertising platform, “Amazon Sponsored Links” that could be released within a year. This platform could pretty easily become more popular with advertisers due Amazon’s large amount of unique shopping data that Google does not have access to. Amazon has already started testing these Sponsored Links on its own site.

Source: Marketing Land

Americans Trust Google More Than The US Government

A new study by MyLife has found a large amount of distrust amongst Americans when it comes to their personal information. MyLife surveyed respondents on their trust levels when it comes to Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and the government. Google was the most trusted, Facebook was the least trusted. No organization had more than 50% of users trust.

Source: Marketing Land

Facebook Updates News Feed To Deter Clickbait Links

Facebook is updating their News Feed algorithm in a way that will reduce the effectiveness of click-bait headlines and encourage publishers to share links using the “best format.” Click-bait will be determined by how much time is spent reading the articles linked from Facebook, how fast the reader returns to Facebook, and the amount of people commenting and sharing.

Source: Search Engine Journal

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Notable Commentary

Tips For Growing Your Team’s Skills

Hiring an SEO team is just the start, but a great SEO team is one with a clear training plan to keep up with the industry. Chris Liversidge of Search Engine Land gives three tips to ensure SEO teams stay on top. One of the tips includes setting up a test site and doing some homework as a team to apply new practices in a live setting.

Analysis by: Chris Liversidge, Search Engine Land


Using AdWords Scripts to Create Charts

Russell Savage has provided a handy guide to using scripts to create charts with AdWords Data. He provides an intro to the charts object and how to build charts on quality score as well as data tables. These could be especially helpful for agencies that pull really similar reports for many clients at a time.
Analysis By, Russell Savage, Search Engine Land


Study Highlights The Importance Of Reviews

It’s been well known that positive online reviews can help SEO campaigns and boost AdWords efficiency. A study found that 88% of customers trust online reviews for local businesses as much as personal recommendations. Chris Marentis of Search Engine People looks at how businesses can leverage online reviews after receiving them.

Analysis by: Chris Marentis, Search Engine People