Bing Introduces Device Targeting Updates and Improvements To Change History Page, & More

Bing Introduces Device Targeting Updates and Improvements To Change History Page, & More

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Phase One of Bing’s Device Targeting Updates 

Bing’s first wave of device targeting updates to move to a model similar to Google’s Enhanced Campaigns has begun to roll out this week. This first phase will combine targeting for desktops and tablets. Bing has provided suggestions on how to handle the migration for all device targeting combinations. Source: Search Engine Watch

Bing Improves Change History Page in Ad Center

In even more Bing changes, an upgrade to the Ad Center Change History page has been announced. Users will no longer see changes one by one, but will see them in groups as they were made; making it easier to decipher for advertisers. It will also display up to 10 million changes where previously it was only able to show up to 200,000. Bing also announced that an “undo” option will soon be coming to change history as well. Source: Search Engine Watch

Report: Display Advertising Increases 6.2 Percent in Q2

In a recent report by Kantar, it was found that display advertising grew over six percent on desktop in Q2 2014. This number is a bit surprising given that the overall sector grew by less than one percent. Kantar believes the cause to be increased budgets by the financial, retail and service industries. Source: Marketing Land  

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Report: 45 Percent of Mobile Ad Viewers Made Purchases

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Display Ads – Best Practices

For those advertisers unfamiliar with creating display ads, Rebekah Schelfhout from Marketing Land has recently posted a concise list of best practices to implement when building ads for the Google Display Network. Analysis: Rebekah Schelfhout, Marketing Land

Why Retailers Should Start PPC Christmas Campaigns Soon 

Think it’s too early to start showing Christmas PPC ads? Jennifer Bahr from Search Engine Watch thinks not. In a recent article she presents findings that show how getting a head start on the holiday season could pay off. Analysis, Jennifer Bahr, Search Engine Watch