AdWords Updates Landing Page Policy, Apple Increases Revenue, iPhones Track Your Movement, & More

AdWords Updates Landing Page Policy, Apple Increases Revenue, iPhones Track Your Movement, & More

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AdWords Clarifies Landing Page Policy

Previously, Google AdWords failed to specify a landing page policy violation if a URL didn’t comply with Google’s guidelines. The end result was an unexplained 1/10 Quality Score for associated keywords, but Google has updated the policy to provide a concrete reason for any landing page issues that affect Quality Score.

Source: Google Inside AdWords Blog

Apple Shares Beat Forecasts, Rise 3%

iPhone and Mac sales were strong enough over the last three months to compensate for the lower number of iPad sales, and gave Apple a bigger-than-expected stock boost. Apple earned $6.40 a share on revenues of $24.7 billion in that time span, thanks in large part to an increased presence in the Chinese market.

Source: CBS Money Watch

SkyNet Became Self Aware On April 19, While iPhones, Droids Track Your Every Move

On 20:11 April 19, 2011, SkyNet went online. A day later, perhaps by coincidence, security researchers announced the discovery of a snippet in Apple’s iPhone that tracks and saves every detail about where you’ve been. The data is then transferred to your computer when they are synchronized.

The tracking is done by signal triangulation between cell towers, and makes it possible for anyone capable of accessing your phone or computer to figure out your past travels. Android devices also track similar information, and it’s unknown if either discovery will lead to a sooner-than-expected rise of the machines.

Source: The Guardian, USA Today

Yahoo Is Losing Search Revenue

The news that Yahoo’s search revenue is down 19% served as a virtual wet blanket on a solid earnings report this week. CEO Carol Bartz blamed the poor showing on Microsoft’s adCenter, but other business insiders have pointed out that Yahoo was losing search revenue before their deal with Bing. They’ve also speculated that Bing offers superior organic results, so users are more inclined to ignore paid search ads.

Source: Business Insider

ResearchGate: Like Facebook, Except For Scientists

Typically anything with a “-Gate” suffix is associated with a scandal, but ResearchGate is anything but a controversy. The new social web site’s primary goal is to connect scientists from across the globe, allowing them to share ideas, advice, and general information that doesn’t get published.

All signs look positive so far for the fledgling social network, as 900,000 people have created profiles and the site itself gets funding from a former Facebook executive and a venture capital firm that backed Twitter. The site’s founder, Ijad Madisch, said he hopes to some day win the Nobel Prize for accelerating scientific research with ResearchGate.

Source: NPR

Earth Day At Google Features Expected Doodle, Renewable Energy Investment

Almost every holiday or day of recognition warrants a cool Google doodle, and Earth Day did not disappoint:

But Google has also invested heavily in renewable energy sources, including a recent power purchase agreement fir wind energy in Oklahoma. Google also invested $168 million in a Mojave Desert solar power plant, and $38.8 million into two North Dakota wind farms.

Source: PC Magazine

Greenpeace Calls Out Apple’s Energy Consumption

Greenpeace just released a report entitled, “How Dirty Is Your Data?” and Apple came out on top of the dirt heap. The report ranks nine major tech companies, and Apple had the lowest “Clean Energy Index” score due to their reliance on coal and nuclear power.

Source: CNN Tech

Notable Commentary

As Cool As A Google Doodle

Search Marketing Now Reports On PPC Tools In The Age Of Facebook

Search Marketing Now has just published its first Market Intelligence Report — with a look at the market for PPC Campaign Management Tools.

Titled “PPC Campaign Management Tools in the Facebook Era,” this complimentary 44-page report includes an industry overview as well as a buyer’s guide for selecting the right tool for your needs.

Analysis By: Search Marketing Now

Edison Research Infinite Dial 2011 Report Released

There are quite a few interesting tid bits of information about digital media usage trends, including the annual doubling of Internet radio users every year since 2001.

Analysis By: Edison Research

Experts Weigh In On Common Big Mistakes Made By Small Businesses

Ever have trouble searching for a variety of SEO and Internet marketing expert opinions on small business mistakes? This post compiled 45 pieces of advice from some of the industry’s most respected gurus. Absorb this information like a sponge.

Analysis By: DIYSEO Blog

Simply Noise Is Simply Silent

Is the environment around your workspace too loud? Need to block things out and focus without disturbing the meeting at the cube next to you?  This site is awesomely useful when you need to buckle down and get things done.

Analysis By: Simply Noise

Easy And Awesome On-Page SEO Victories

Peter Meyers at SEOmoz gives you eight easy wins for on-page SEO. Easy is a relative term depending on your SEO comprehension, but these pieces of advice are applicable for many on-page SEO issues you may encounter.

Analysis By: Peter Meyers, SEOmoz

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