AdWords’ New Interface : Top Features & Tricks of the New Interface

AdWords’ New Interface : Top Features & Tricks of the New Interface

Ready or not, here it comes – the new Adwords Interface.  Google has given us a period to get used to the new interface, with the ability to revert back to the old interface for reference. However, some are getting trapped in a habit of solely using the old interface.  Heed this warning : Google won’t hold up making this transition permanent on the request of individual advertisers, so start now!

I assure you – It IS better

Although confusing at first, and during this initial beta somewhat buggy and unreliable, the new interface has so many new and improved features to help advertisers get a strong hold on exactly what is happening within their account.

  • Make changes faster – no more reloading entire pages
  • More ways to look at data with roll up tabs, graphs, and filter capabilities
  • Accessible reporting & deeper insight into your account and performance on both content and search networks

Improved Navigation

The new interface allows users to look through the account using a handy side navigation “Account Tree.”  This feature looks very similar to Google Adwords Editor (offline editing tool). Instead of having to dig into a campaign, then ad group, then keyword – the interface allow you to view ALL keywords, and ALL ad groups for comparison and analysis.

Inline Editing

Bid management, ad copy analysis, and other editing tasks have become much easier.  The world of slow loading pages (4 different page loads to adjust one keyword level bid), or implementing changes with the offline editing tool is over.   Now you are able to make many changes within seconds.

Search Query Function

Imagine being able to narrow down search query reporting on a single keyword, without having to fumble with the reporting center and large excel documents.  It has happened! Google’s new interface allows the advertiser to click on a single keyword and request a search query report.  Not only can you now view it, but it can be implemented on the spot as well, both negatives and positives.

Content Placement Reporting

This is the coolest function of the new interface.  This tool eliminates hours of analysis of huge spreadsheets to finding where you are showing on the content network.  You can search the placement report of individual ad groups, campaigns, or the entire account directly in the interface.  You are able to see the list of all domains, key metrics, and have the ability to drill down into specific URL placements/negative sites. The clean appearance gives current data on how you are performing in the content network. You can review both negative ad groups and campaign level negatives, as well as manage the placements you’ve added.

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By Nicole Nerad

Paid Search Manager

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  1. Damien

    At first I hated the new interface but decided to take the plunge! After just a few hours I realized it was so much like Adwords Editor I had to keep using it! Now I have not needed to use AE for some time.

    Thanks guys for a top post, as usual yours is one of the few blogs I actually read (apart from Perry Marshalls’)

  2. George Burroughs

    Thank you Nicole for a great article. Very useful and easy to understand – especially for relatively new users, such as myself. Thanks again.

    Dr. George Burroughs

  3. Nicole Nerad

    After posting the previous blog entry about the many tools of Adwords New Interface a new advancement in the interface was released – Spreadsheet Editing.

    Many advertisers (like myself) do all of their analysis in spreadsheet, and then turn and implement it into adwords. To make this process easier, and to make the interface that much better, Google has made it possible for advertisers to import in the excel spreadsheet and the updates will be posted.

    The efficiencies of the new interface are really valuable to advertisers for quicker optimization. Over time it is going to be Google much easier to come out with new and better things – which is never a bad thing.

    We just have to stomach the bugs and error messages for a bit longer. 🙂

  4. PPC freelancer

    Great post, this new interface is not much different than old interface and has new features with it to help the advertisers.


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