AdWords New Interface Tips : Filtering & Customizing Views

AdWords New Interface Tips : Filtering & Customizing Views

Hope you’re all diving in and getting used to the new AdWords interface.  In today’s blog, however, I’m going to walk you through some more advanced analysis feature of the interface that you’ve just got to try out.

“Filter and views” options allow for deeper analysis and results in more effective optimization. Found below the date range options, this can be applicable down to all levels of analysis.

Customize Options

This feature allows you to specify which conversion data you want to analyze (for example 1 per click conversion vs. many per click conversion), exclude certain metrics (for example exclude avg. CPCs or rearrange metrics for easier viewing.

Filter Options

The filter option is INCREDIBLY useful for high level optimization.  Let’s say you are  You have all the types of lotions within your account.  Before you were limited to only sorting of each column in ascending/descending order.  With the new filter function you can do so much more.

Using this feature you are now able to search by higher level metric including : Cost, Avg. CPC, Avg. CPM, CTR, Clicks, Impression, Conversions, Conversion Rate, Name, Status.

Check Out The Examples:

Using any of the metrics included above you can sort the data to what you want to see.

So, let’s say that you want to make sure your vanilla lotion line is profitable. You can filter by keywords that contain “vanilla” and see the performance of every ad group/keyword that includes vanilla in it.

Know too, there is also the ability to compare multiple metrics:

So, let’s say you want to see any keyword costing over $20 without a conversion.  Simply, set the cost metrics to “greater than $20” and the conversion metric to “below 0”.

By Nicole
Paid Search Manager


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