What’s The Buzz About Shareable Content?

What’s The Buzz About Shareable Content?

Presenter, Pat Chambers from Buzzfeed

A few members from Rocket Clicks had the exciting opportunity to attend MIMA’s event, Buzzfeed: Creating Shareable Content presented by Pat Chambers. After reflecting on our experience, we came up with a few notes that we felt were worthy of sharing, whether advertising for a big company’s brand or displaying your personal brand:

There is a difference between proactive & reactive content – it is important (if possible for your company) to do both in order to get the most engagement. – Amanda

Try to make content super relateable but not in a “fake” way. Stay true to your company’s identity. – Amanda

Content is not intended for social media itself, but rather the people on social media. – Amanda

Consider how quickly you want your content to spread when choosing a platform to present it on. – Amanda

Shareability is closely linked to identity, it says “this is important to me.”- Jasmine

Cute animals deserve respect. – Jasmine

Content is generally shared for one of three reasons: it captures your/my personality, it appeals to your/my emotions, it reinforces your/my beliefs. – Michael

People have curated their news feeds to provide the most relevant stories to themselves. There is no longer a single or legacy news source. People then look to social for a guide as to what their own reactions should be on major new events, just like in offline life. Knowing what your friends think of it is a factor that goes into forming your own opinion. – Liz

It’s not that people hate advertising; they just hate bad advertising. And social advertising works – if someone’s friend shared it they are 4x more likely to take action on it as opposed to merely being shown the ad directly (as shown in the graph below). – Liz

*seed is defined as paid engagement generated by Buzzfeed while **social is defined as engagement as a result of social sharing (Facebook, Twitter, ect.)

Now excuse me while I go take a Buzzfeed quiz to find out which mythical creature I am.