Simplify & Improve Your L10 Manager Meetings with Traction Tools

Simplify & Improve Your L10 Manager Meetings with Traction Tools

Rocket Clicks’ EOS® journey started in 2015, and like many of our peers it transformed our business to the core.  

We quickly became 100% aligned on where we are going as a company and how we planned to get there. With our objectives and goals solidified, we were able to begin addressing and solving issues that have been holding our company back.

Committing to the L10 meeting cadence became the single most important driver in our success.

Since the results were clear, accepting the clumsiness of the meeting itself was acceptable. Over time, as the L10 meeting agendas, notes and to-dos started piling up and dropping off, we realized we needed a better solution to manage our L10s.

In January 2017, our implementer, John LaFontsee, suggested we try a new EOS® sanctioned tool called Traction Tools, and it became the most justified company nonlabor expense we have to date. Traction Tools allowed us to execute the meeting more efficiently and maximize the output.

Execute Better: Simplify Meeting Logistics

One Place to Go

Long gone are the days of floating Excel workbooks, paper agendas and wading through folders of L10 material. With Traction Tools, there is one place to manage 100% of your meeting. It allows you to start and end on time by having all your scorecard metrics, issues and headlines accessible at the click of a button. With individual dashboards, people can quickly and easily input their meeting contributions and have it immediately aggregated for viewing.

Digital Agility

The ability to login to the meeting and share the same screen without having to jump between different documents allows for smoother, distraction-free meetings. It also reduces the time spent chasing people for metrics, rock updates and having to take meeting minutes. Additionally, to minimize confusion for remote users, once logged in, they only see the screen the other participants are viewing.

Keeping Us Honest (and Pure)

In our business, we noticed that the results went off-track when we went off-track on EOS® purity. Taking shortcuts and attempting to add non-EOS® components to the meeting dilutes the effects long term. Traction Tools is held accountable to be 100% EOS® pure. Using the software removes the human tendency to take these shortcuts and keeps us honest as a team.

Maximize Output: Get More Out Of Your Time Together

Timers Help Use Every Second to Make it a 10

Minimize tangents, rabbit holes and sidebars with a tool that visually keeps you on track. The agenda is clear, and the timers are unforgiving. If you start to over-segue, the timer turns red – warning you to move things along. In addition to the timer, the ability to add an issue instantaneously gives you permission to stop these tangents in their tracks and send the conversation straight to the issues list.

Identify, Discuss & Solve Issues Better

Speaking of issues, Traction Tools creates a seamless way to list, prioritize and solve issues.  It’s auto sort after you’ve prioritized your top issues, 1-3, and provides a great notes section allowing for clearer IDSing. There are also features like issue ownership and texting capabilities to add issues in the moment of it happening rather than having to send to an issues list curator.

Traction Tools has transformed the effectiveness in our L10s, and our hope is that it could transform yours too!

Our favorite kind of partners are EOS® partners – they get how important clarity and accountability is in their marketing. If you would like to learn more about Rocket Clicks and how we partner to grow businesses online, drop us an email [email protected] today!