How To Earn More Qualified Leads on Facebook

How To Earn More Qualified Leads on Facebook

In a world where paid advertising is everywhere, it’s hard to navigate through all of the different platforms available for lead generation.

Casting a wide net will undoubtedly earn you the most leads, but it also takes more time and resources to determine which leads actually meet your criteria. Focusing on paid search advertising allows you to capture users who are actively searching for your product or service, but the lead process often involves directing them to multiple landing pages with the assumption they will eventually fill out a form. Although the intention is simple for the user to understand, this process can cause a higher drop off or bounce rate and, inevitably, cost you valuable leads.

Through Facebook lead generation campaigns, you have the capability to target users by custom audiences, demographics, locations and more. Not only is the audience targeting incredibly detailed and customizable, but each advertisement can include a custom lead form for users to fill out and submit without being redirected to a different site.

However, if you can’t properly define your target audience or know which tools to use and when, you may not be creating the most effective lead generation campaigns. Whether you’re new to lead generation campaigns or interested in learning how to become more efficient in reaching the right users, we’ve got some best practices that will help you gain more qualified leads on Facebook.

Define Your Target Audience

Custom Audiences are a good place to start.

Through your Facebook tracking pixel, you can create remarketing audiences in order to serve ads to users who have previously interacted with your Facebook page, posts or advertising.

However, you are also able to create Lookalike audiences, which determine users who are similar to those within your remarketing audiences but have not previously interacted with your content. By creating Lookalike audiences, you have the base for targeting a large group of users who share interests of those within your target audience. These Lookalike audiences are a good base for non-remarketing campaigns and still allow for additional targeting at the ad set level.

Ask the Right Questions

When creating a lead generation campaign on Facebook, the second most important part (aside from defining your audience) is determining which questions are most important to include within a lead form.

Facebook offers a wide range of general questions for you to choose from when creating forms, including name, phone number, email address, and other standard questions. However, one of the most valuable tools available is custom questions fields. These allow you to create custom short answer, multiple choice and even conditional formatting questions that can help you easily determine if a lead is qualified or not.

Sometimes More Isn’t Better

As with most lead generation forms, we recommend only asking for data you absolutely need to begin qualifying a lead. lead  Users are less likely to fill out a form if it’s too long or requires a large amount of personal information.

By collecting a minimum amount of contact information, you ensure that a user will be more likely to complete the form, while allowing yourself the opportunity to ask more valuable questions.

When creating your lead form, take full advantage of asking well-defined questions while you have the users attention. Determining which questions have the most value for defining qualified leads will save you time and effort for following up in the future.

Tip: If you find you’re getting too many low quality leads, it can be beneficial to slowly test more questions to help qualify leads on the front end.

Although this may lead to lower lead volumes, the overall quality of those leads will likely improve. It’s a matter of finding the right balance.

Creating more efficient lead generation campaigns will not only benefit your paid advertising campaign performance, but it will also transfer success to your entire team by collecting more qualified leads.

Hungry for more tips? Check out Facebook’s list of best practices for Lead Ads campaigns.

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