Promoting New Customer Growth for a Local Service Company

Willbanks Inc. aimed to capture new market share and elevate their online visibility to attract more customers. Learn how Rocket Clicks crafted a dynamic digital marketing formula, turning the local service’s website into a center for lead generation, customer engagement, and measurable business growth.

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Before teaming up with Rocket Clicks, Willbanks Inc. maintained a steady stream of business, primarily serving knowledgeable customers in contracting and engineering. However, over time, they wanted to capture the emerging market segment of non-industry savvy business owners. These potential customers understood the need for commercial equipment installation or repair but lacked the technical know-how to make informed supplier decisions.

With limited in-house marketing resources, Willbanks faced the tough challenge of not only educating these prospects on complex industry matters but also showcasing their brand as both approachable and authoritative. Past marketing attempts had yielded minimal returns, signaling a pressing need for a strategic pivot. For things to go smoothly, Willbanks needed to captivate and convert this untapped demographic to achieve scalable business growth, and they turned to Rocket Clicks for a solution.


Improving Website Performance

We improved the local service company's website conversion rates by refining the user experience and developing a solid content strategy. We created manufacturer pages and streamlined service sections to now guide visitors smoothly towards making an inquiry, as well as enhancing the potential for lead generation with every click.

Maximizing Ad Performance

Together we launched targeted ad campaigns designed to capture attention. We tracked and identified each customer call or website form submission as a valuable lead, ensuring our efforts concentrated on potential clients likely to engage in business. In addition, advanced machine learning helped pinpoint and reach the people most likely to need Willbanks’ services, ensuring every ad dollar was well-spent.

Attracting the Right Customers

Capitalizing on service, parts, and manufacturing-specific searches, we scaled Willbanks Inc.'s ad campaigns to capture highly relevant leads that resulted in more quotes and inquiries. By fine-tuning Google Analytics, we achieved precise revenue tracking, ensuring a clear view of marketing efficacy. Additionally, we created an executed a plan to facilitate their growth towards new potential customers.

Building Local Presence

By fine-tuning their Google Business Profile, we strengthened their local SEO, making them more discoverable to nearby customers and boosting their visibility in search results. This focus on search presence meant they stood out exactly where and when it mattered most.


We transformed Willbanks Inc.’s digital presence with a marketing strategy that transcended conventional tactics and harnessed the power of targeted, long-term growth solutions. Our team fortified Willbanks’ local presence and industry dominance, not through generic promotions but through a meticulously crafted action plan that delivered measurable success.

The partnership between Willbanks Inc. and Rocket Clicks sparked a remarkable surge in business, with potential customer growth soaring by 218% and conversion rates climbing by 11%. Our team equips businesses with the tools needed to attract the right customers by pairing personalized attention and decades of combined experience in local service digital marketing. Our partnership has allowed Willbanks to expand into new markets and flourish in their industry.

"The Rocket Clicks team has been a great help to our organization. They value the customer needs and are a true partner!"
Cole Willbanks, President, Willbanks Inc.

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