Deploying Strategies to Broaden a Credit Union's Digital Marketing Arsenal

Service Credit Union was eager to break through barriers limiting their online growth and sought to connect more meaningfully with their members. Learn how our customized approach to digital marketing revitalized their brand, resulting in a significant increase in member conversions while also maximizing their marketing budget efficiency.

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One credit union needed to stand out in the crowded online financial space and convert more website visitors into members. They required a strategy that was not only effective but also cost-efficient, ensuring a good return on their marketing investment.

Rocket Clicks faced the task of delivering a digital marketing solution that would clearly differentiate the credit union, drive membership growth, and optimize their online marketing spend. Our focus was set on achieving tangible results through targeted visibility and user engagement strategies.


Maximizing Ad Performance

A key factor in the credit union's marketing was the refinement of their paid search campaigns. We pruned away any wasteful spending and pinpointed opportunities for immediate positive impact. Their paid advertising was fine-tuned to resonate more powerfully with the intended audience, driving both savings and results.

Improving Website Performance

Essential to our approach was elevating the credit union's website by performing a technical SEO audit. After meticulously addressing and resolving underlying technical issues, we not only improved site reliability but also user experience. This was further improved by testing critical pages where we identified and implemented changes that significantly heightened conversion rates, seamlessly guiding more potential members from interest to action.

Attracting the Right Clients

To elevate Service Credit Union's interaction with potential and existing members, we embraced innovation, employing advanced machine learning techniques to intelligently scale and optimize their paid ad campaigns. By sparking new awareness initiatives, we cast a wider net, capturing the attention of fresh audiences.

Building Local Presence

We launched dedicated location pages to spotlight their local presence, coupled with tailored content strategies that boosted their visibility in search results. By sharpening their local search engine optimization, we ensured they stood out in the places that mattered most to their members.


Through our partnership, this credit union not only achieved their goals but also redefined what success means in their space. By working together, they’ve seen a remarkable transformation in member engagement. Our tailored approach, which prioritizes substantial, long-term growth over quick fixes, has set Service Credit Union up for continued success in the competitive financial landscape.

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"The biggest thing is being able to think of Rocket Clicks as an extension of our team."
Sheila Harris, AVP of Marketing, Service Credit Union

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