Reflecting on Your Marketing Seats

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I am super excited to present at the 2022 EOS Conference in Orlando, FL, and hope to see you all there. My session will be focused on taking your accountability chart to the next level, particularly focused around your marketing team. Our goal is to support you in building a team that is built to drive results AND innovation. It doesn’t necessarily mean hiring 10 people or feeling pressured to hire external vendors. It only means that you are thinking clearly about what marketing roles are important to the organization and that they are supported.

Your first step in your marketing team journey is role clarity. Whether you have a single marketing position managing all the pieces, a team of people, or outsourced to vendors, taking the time and space to truly understand the roles and outcomes of each is key. Often marketing positions grow and morph without us even knowing it. The needs you had in year one are very different from year 5. Often the tasks and responsibilities organically stack up and they always find a home. The home may not be the right home now, or a better home is out there for it – but as evolving entrepreneurial businesses we find them a place to live. So I challenge you to take a second of reflection. 

Rocket Clicks created a high-level tool to start to understand the many roles of your marketing position or department and help you think differently about them. Before you can find the right people to hold the right seats, seeing it all, organizing them is the first step.

What you will see is a list of “all the things”. We dont have all the roles but my team put our heads together and captured 80 commonly seen roles of our marketing partners coordinator positions.

Make a copy for yourself, and take a few minutes to reflect. Check the boxes that your team currently holds, or that you want your marketing team to hold. You will at the top the graph change as you select and the buckets of roles emerge. 

This is only the beginning, which we will talk about more in my session, but it will get the juices flowing for you and your leadership team and potentially help you get unstuck from current marketing issues on your issues list. 

Watch for me in the EOS Conference agenda and join me! I promise a workshop-style session with a ton of ideas, examples, and a take-home workbook giving you a tool to shape your team to drive both awesome execution, innovation, and results. See you soon!