Gina Richard

Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

Pretending to understand wine tasting

Most Inspiring Person

Mia Thermopolis

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee

That Gina lives here (I hear she's really cool)

Favorite Blog or Website

Moz and Analytics Mania. Also all of Kathryn's social media

Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

There are limitless post-it notes

Posts by Gina

An SEO’s Guide to Branding

Posted by Gina Richard & filed under Client Education.

The best SEO strategies are the strategies that improve the usefulness and relevance of a website (even Google, our digital overlord, says so). This isn’t really anything new. However, the way search engines define “useful” and “relevant” is constantly changing.  Some like to interpret this as long-term job security; others see it as a challenge. […]

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