Brea Stevenson

Vital Stats

Favorite Non-Work Activity

Slamming La Croix's and exploring the lakes, parks, and hiking trails with my dog, Opal.

Most Inspiring Person

Sal Lavallo, and everyone else, who's part of the exclusive club of individuals to have visited every single country in the world. Wheels up!

Favorite Thing About Milwaukee

Most of my favorite people are here - or close to MKE. It's home.

Favorite Blog or Website

I am listing my favorite podcast since I don't really have a fave blog or website: My Favorite Murder. Stay Sexy, Don't Get Murdered.

Favorite Thing About Rocket Clicks

The people. The team is made up of smart, dedicated, passionate and driven folks.

Posts by Brea

New Google Local Services Ads: Are they Worth the Hype?

Posted by Brea Stevenson & filed under Client Education.

Are you like me and think “What the…?” when ads started appearing above the traditional paid search ads on Google? I decided to dig a little deeper to find out what the heck these ads are. Here I’ll explain what they are and walk you through how we got our ads back on top. So, […]

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