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Telling my dog he's handsome

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All of the breweries

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One Team One Goal

Meghan joined the Rocket Clicks' team of PPC experts at the beginning of 2018.

Posts by Meghan

How to (Better) Manage Your Leads on Facebook

Posted by Meghan Ebbe & filed under Client Education.

Previously, leads were only available for download from the platform, which could then be reviewed in excel or uploaded to a users or advertisers CRM system. Facebook also allowed users to integrate their CRM systems to automatically upload leads that were collected from Facebook lead generation campaigns. However, this was not always reliable if users […]

A Google Shopping Expert: Guide to Supplemental Feeds

Posted by Meghan Ebbe & filed under Client Education.

Table of Contents: What Is It? I Don’t Really Need One, Right? Ok, How Do I Make One? Rocket Clicks Recommendations Whether you’re new to Google Shopping or consider yourself an expert, one thing is the same, a supplemental feed could make or break the success of your account. What Is It? At a high-level, […]

4 Tips to Writing More Effective Ad Copy

Posted by Meghan Ebbe & filed under Client Education.

When constructing a PPC campaign, one of the most important pieces is creating ad copy that resonates with your target audience. It can often be overlooked as just a secondary part of planning, but well-written ad copy can make or break the success of an advertising campaign. A great place to start collecting ideas for […]

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