Yahoo Has A New Ad Campaign, Google Releases A Chrome Plug-In, Facebook Partners With Nielsen, And More

Yahoo Has A New Ad Campaign, Google Releases A Chrome Plug-In, Facebook Partners With Nielsen, And More

Yahoo’s New Ad Campaign

As Yahoo plans to launch their massive global marketing campaign focused on personalization, they have introduced a new tagline, “It’s You!”.  The Y in You will be the same as the purple Yahoo Y, accompanied by the famous Yahoo exclamation point.  Ads for the campaign are being created by Ogilvy and Mather, a unit of Dublin-base WPP PLC.  The company wants to market the idea that they can help people navigate all their services and information online through Yahoo. Traces of the campaign are sprouting up across New York City in Times Square and throughout retail stores.

Google Chrome Plug-In

For everyone who wants to take advantage of all of the latest technologies that use HTML5 but can’t get away from Internet Explorer, Google has a solution.  They have released an open source plug-in for Internet Explorer users called the Google Chrome Frame.  The technology forces Internet Explorer to load a website using the same WebKit rendering engine as Google Chrome.  This is complete with its enhanced JavaScript rendering and support for HTML5 like Canvas and embedded audio and video.

Facebook Teams Up With Nielsen

Nielsen BrandLift, a result of a recent partnership between Facebook and Nielsen, is intended to help brands measure their ads more effectively.  Both companies will have access to what is essentially a focus group of 300 million Facebook users.  They will be taking the opposite approach of that done with their recently abandoned advertising initiative Beacon, by crowdsourcing opinions. Facebook hopes to benefit from the partnership by getting a better handle on the growing advertising market for social networks.  Nielsen estimates the market has increased 119% this year, increasing from $49 million to $108 million last month.

The FCC Backs Net Neutrality

President Obama’s promise to back “net neutrality” was delivered by FCC chairman Julius Genachowski.  Net neutrality is the idea that the government should make sure that ISPs transmit data across the net without regards to what comprises the data packets.  Along with expanding rules that prohibit ISPs from filtering or blocking net traffic, he also proposed that they cover all broadband connections, including those for smartphones.
Genachowski proposed adding two new principles to the current rules:

  1. Broadband providers cannot discriminate against services or applications by slowing them down.
  2. Broadband providers must tell customers how its engineers manage the network when it gets congested.

By Jessica Manganello

Paid Search Staff