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Google’s Launch of The New Keyword Tool (Beta)

If you haven’t noticed the latest beta to arrive into Google AdWords recently, it’s called the New Keyword Tool (beta) and it’s better than ever. One of the best parts of this tool is that it incorporates the search based keyword tool’s functions, along with all the normal keyword tool functions, all into one convenient location and with more customizable features than ever before. The updated keyword tool combines search data across and all affiliated search properties, while the search based tool’s data is compiled solely from Google reports that numeric data between the tools may also differ due to rounding.

What Other Functions Does The New Keyword Tool Have?

So just to bring everyone up to speed again, this new tool allows you to search for new keyword ideas by entering in a keyword or URL related to your business or service, go straight to filtering keyword categories next to the statistics table, or you can use a combination of the three. The possibilities are completely flexible and it just depends on how you like to use it. Take a look below at the picture to get a brief description of how the tool looks:

Google even helps to offer additional related keywords and categories that appear in the “Contains” column on the left after you submit a keyword or URL. This will include common keyword sets that contain the original keyword, plus terms that contain both synonyms and terms related to your keyword or URL search. Even further down you can still sort by match type and enter in potential negative keywords to further filter down your results.

Filtering and Customizing Your Keyword Results

If you open the “Advanced Options” dropdown you can filter by country, language, max cpc, daily budget, and newest of all mobile search data. You can go even granular and search for keywords greater or less than the following metrics: impressions per day, monthly searches (global & local), competition types, average CPC, average CTR, and estimated cost.
Within the statistics tables the new keyword tool allows the results to be customizable to sorted by:

These new sorting options allow you to get a much better grasp on how new keywords will perform within a campaign and by using more real life metrics than any other tool.

Insights For Search Link

The last but very convenient feature of this new tool is that it allows a link straight to Google’s Insights for Search Tool. Insights for Search allows an advertiser to see historical performance data for certain keywords, in comparison to the region and time range. One of the best features with Insights for Search is it also gives you the top related “Rising Searches” which can often be used for new keyword ideas. The link to this is located directly to the right of the new keyword results in a magnifying glass icon.


Google has frequently been coming out with new tools and loves to combine aspects of functions and search trend data together, which has ultimately been making an AdWords advertiser’s life easier. The combination and customizable options with this new keyword tool is almost too much to comprehend at first, which is why you just need to go out and try it for yourself. It’s located on the same page as the current keyword tool and in the first paragraph you’ll see a link to try the beta. The tool is only available to advertisers in the USA as of now. I suggest you go out and get use to it; it looks like it’ll turn out to be permanent in the near future.

By Jerrold Burke

Paid Search Analyst


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