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Google Tests “Related Ads,” HP & Yahoo! Partner On Targeted Ads & More

Google Testing “Targeted Ads”

Google is currently testing a new feature called “related ads” posted at the right hand bottom panel of the search result pages Google is now offering a few other choices for searchers to choose from. This feature is currently being tested on English language Google search pages. It is said to provide an assorted set of relevant ads and offers advertisers additional traffic. Image courtesy of Search Engine Land.

HP partners with Yahoo! for targeting ads

Last week, HP launched their Web-connected line of printers which permit users to print content straight from the Web or from their mobile phones to a specific printer using an e-mail address that corresponds to the printer.

HP also plans in the next month to have users of the HP ePrint printers connect to home routers and giving the users an IP address.  HP will use the IP addresses to see where their users are located and use target advertisements based on the location.

The pilot with Yahoo will also have ads targeted based on the users actions as well as the content.  An example of this might be if a user prints off directions to Madison, WI; they would then see ads about Madison, whether it be hotels or restaurants in the area.

Click To Call For Apps And Content

After previewing the click-to-call feature for apps and mobile website content for the past month, Google has now launched the feature in its entirety and is available to all who advertise with AdWords.

When customers surf the web from their mobile devices or when they use their mobile apps, customers will now be able to connect with businesses by the push of a button.  Click-to-call claims that this feature will improve the reach of business ads across the mobile web.

By Dana Redfield

Rocket Clicks Staff


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