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Google Adds Brands to Results, Eric Ward Joins AdGooroo & More

Google Adding Branding

Google is continuing to roll out new features on search results pages. Earlier in the week, Google added the “pages similar to” feature, which allows users to see similar pages to what they are searching. Additionally, they rolled out a feature two days later to test brand recognition on search terms. Unofficially, it is being called the “Brands for” feature.  For instance, when a user searches for cars directly below the top three sponsored links above the first organic listing, it will say “Brands for cars: smart Honda Nissan Toyota Ford.” Before you ask, yes, this does push organic listings down further on the results page. This is still in the testing stage, but it seems this is Google’s attempt to better integrate a feature Bing is already using.

Eric Ward Officially With AdGooroo

In a recent press release article, it has been made official that Eric Ward, the link building expert, is teaming up with AdGooroo. Eric’s reputation as “Link-Building Moses” proceeds him when it comes to this new endeavor. He will now play a large role at AdGooroo, continuing his involvement with the company’s recently released quality backlinks tool, Link Insight. He will also have a role interacting with agencies and subscribers to Link Insight. This formation of a perfect storm between Eric and AdGooroo will help agencies and entrepreneurs alike to finally get some insight on the art of link building from a self-proclaimed “Link Evangelist.”

Android-Powered TVs Coming Soon?

As part of Google’s efforts to seemingly take over the all media, they are currently testing Android-based TV software. They believe that by integrating web searchability with live television channels it will expand a user’s ability to search while simplifying the process. If they can pull it off, then virtually everything will be at the user’s fingertips in the comfort of their living room. This effort is tentatively going to be introduced to developers at an event in May. Many believe Google’s decision to show developers before completion is in hopes to ignite a fire under the developers to start building apps for this new TV platform.  Google’s entry into television hardware is no longer a question of if or when, but now how far will it go?

Anthony Karls

Rocket Clicks Staff


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