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You’ve Got Your EOS® Marketing Strategy… Now What?

You’ve defined your target market and your three uniques. You’ve identified your proven process and come up with a guarantee. Your EOS® marketing strategy is completely rock-solid – it crystallizes what your company offers, who they’re offering it to, and why they should choose you to provide it over all the competition. The fact that you’re clear on these marketing fundamentals means you’re already ahead of the curve when it comes to developing a smart, growth-oriented marketing strategy that truly works for your business. 

But, like so many other EOS® tools, your EOS® marketing strategy is an excellent framework – it’s up to you to leverage this framework on an ongoing basis. And if you’re like many companies running on EOS®, figuring out how to leverage your marketing strategy isn’t exactly obvious. 

Maybe the volume of terrific marketing ideas has outpaced the growth of your marketing team, and now the person leading your marketing has far too much on their plate. Perhaps your business has always relied heavily on referrals, and now that you’re ready to reach a larger segment of your target market, you’re less than confident about which marketing channels and tactics you should be using to get the results you need. Or, you might be completely clear on the direction your marketing needs to go, but when it comes to nuts-and-bolts execution of your marketing strategy, your team gets lost in the details and doesn’t know where to start. 

As a digital marketing agency running on EOS® ourselves, we get it. There been a learning curve as we’ve figured out how to implement the framework of our own EOS® marketing strategy. We’ve also watched many our EOS® clients work through similar growing pains.

We wanted to insert more clarity into how companies running on EOS® can move their marketing strategy forward and continue to build Traction™.  To do this, we knew we first needed to fully understand the hurdles that are slowing EOS® companies down when it comes to marketing. So we huddled up with other marketing experts in our community to identify what’s working, what’s not, and how we can learn from one another’s journeys as we each find our own paths. 

After taking a closer look at what sets great marketing apart from the rest, we realized the companies who have maximized the benefits of their EOS® marketing strategy and achieved next-level results had all achieved a higher level of clarity in six key areas. We like to call these six areas “Marketing Landmarks,” because they’re like can’t-miss destinations on the road to full-potential marketing – do the hard work and reach a new level of clarity around a Landmark, and your marketing will transcend. Every. Single. Time.

Whether you’re just getting started implementing your EOS® marketing strategy or it’s something you’ve been working on for years now, we knew this framework would be invaluable to our community. So we compiled key insights for each Landmark to help you find clarity. We created free resources to help you gain momentum. And we even created a free assessment to help you decide which Landmark to work toward first. 

Ready to reach the next step of your marketing journey? Get started here.

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