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Rocket Clicks Recognized as a Leading Digital Marketing Agency!

Our team at Rocket Clicks has come a long way since our start in 2008, as we have worked with our clients to strengthen their positions online and helped to drive business on their website. In recognition of our ability to deliver to our clients, we have been recognized as one of the leading PPC agencies on Clutch, as well as one of the top digital marketing agencies in Milwaukee!


Clutch is a third-party company that conducts reviews on B2B service providers and assigns them unbiased rankings based specifically on their work with their clients. The Clutch analysts contact these companies’ former partners directly and use their feedback to assess how the companies compare to others in their industry. That is why we are proud of our perfect 5-star rating, which indicates our exceptional ability to deliver to our clients. This has also landed us a spot on the Clutch 1000 – Clutch’s most competitive list of the leading B2B service providers around the world.

Here are some of the testimonials that can be found on our page:


Due to our high ratings on the Clutch platform, we are also included on their sister website, The Manifest. Similar to Clutch, this site provides industry reports and provides shortlists of leading companies in different industries and regions. This is to benefit any companies who are searching for ideal partners in their regions. On The Manifest, we are listed as one of the top 50 SEM consultants as well as well as the top 20 PPC agencies! These lists are comprised of the leading companies in our industry, and we are proud to know that we are ranked among the best marketing agencies in the industry.


When your customers are searching for viable companies, they are most likely doing it online. Our aim is to bring your company to the top of search results and to increase your website’s visibility. SEO and PPC are critical tools in the digital marketing landscape and are the most direct methods for driving online sales. We are proud of our work in the SEO and PPC industry and we are excited to be recognized as a Global Leader by Clutch!

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