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Meet RC Paid Advertising Team Manager, Liz Lord

How did you get into internet marketing?
My dogsled team got pneumonia and I couldn’t finish the Iditarod. Had to pick something else!

If you could choose anyone, who would you pick as your mentor?
I take good bits and pieces of inspiration from everyone I meet.

One song lyric that best describes you is : “I’m the same as I was when I was 6 years old”

The greatest food creation ever invented is:  Salted Spicy Mango popsicles from the Mexican ice cream cart

Favorite place you have ever visited or would like to visit and why?
It’s hard to pick; I want to go everywhere. I’m fascinated by Tokyo because the culture seems under so much pressure. India would be just amazing to visit, I imagine. What I like the most about traveling is traveling itself. Seriously, I would live it up in Boise Idaho if you sent me there. Yep, I just checked – they have a huge anime convention there starting today!

If I weren’t having so much fun at work, I would be going to art/music/film shows or eating amazing food, or sitting by a campfire right now.

A fun fact about you or a special talent that not everyone knows you have is?
My made-up name would be Jane Wayne, if you took my middle name and the street I grew up on.

Favorite thing about your job/working at Rocket Clicks?
Being empowered to contribute to the direction of this company because I believe in its values and what we do. I love being able to help other businesses with what we do and love that my opinions and ideas are taken seriously here. It scratches my entrepreneurial itch big time.

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